You’re so much a part of me, you’ve become like a child.
You crave for so much attention, and you’re deserving of it all.
My heart is so full of you, I’m committed to watching you grow.
I’ll watch you sit, talk, crawl, walk and stand firmly to compel the attention of so many others.
I’ll see you give hope, meaning and fulfilment to the lives of others; with understanding, confidence and clarity.
The Father would be glorified in me because I do His works. We will make Jesus famous, and I in turn would be glorified in you.
We will use all available tools at our disposal, maximize them, to make the One whom our soul loves, be pleased.
We’ll speak about unconventional truths, that will liberate others, but make many others uncomfortable.
We will be satisfied that we’re revealing the heartbeat of the Father in many ways.
I will seek His face, for every direction and dimension I make you take, so we’ll achieve utmost synchrony in bringing His Kingdom come.
Soon, you’ll become a place men will seek to verify God’s emphasis for seasons.
And why others boast in houses built on sand, we will stand firmly on the rock we have chosen to exist in, and keep raising the banner of Christ with every opportunity we get.
Eventually, many others will be birthed just like you, and you’ll set the pace for them to follow.
You will shorten the journey of success of men, with the pride derived from being securely rested in the Lord.
We’ll always have each other, no matter what happens…because you’re here to stay.
We will demonstrate the unity of the God head as you reflect my convictions in every way possible.
We will make mistakes, fail maybe, but we will always have each other.
Thank you for bringing to my remembrance, things I set aside when facing life’s vicissitudes.
Thank you for being my 2018 gift.