Apostle Joshua Selman (AJS) is an awesome personality that means so many things to many people. However, there are certain components that sum up the man we’ve so come to admire.

Here’s a compilation of 8 Behind The Scene (BTS) Qualities (in no particular order) that attempts to give an insight into the life of this Legend.

He understands the Psychology of Human Relationships.

It’s true that there are different levels of relationships, based on your contribution and value to a person.
However, the gap between classes, backgrounds and stratas have been successfully bridged AJS, as he embraces all men.

He never shows open favoritism; making every man feel special and valued in his presence.

This explains why he always has physical and spiritual defence.

He is never Under Pressure.

In a world where almost every youth wants to prove a point, we’ve watched a man who is never under such obligation.

He is a die-hard fan of God’s voice and is never caught in a place God hasn’t accredited.
He firmly believes that God makes all things beautiful in His time, which has formed an extreme virtue of patience within him.
He’d stick with God’s timing, even if it was only him against the world.

His life is lived effectively from the health of the secret place.

The most beautiful part about AJS is there is so much more to him that he reveals. He is a mystery that the world unfolds with joy.

A major part of his life is spent in private. His life is a thermostated preparational journey, such that all frivolities are given up for the sake of his goals.
He showed us how Ministry works. You don’t necessarily prepare for a message or meeting; ministry is an overflow of your dealings with God. And your messages are the archives of God’s dealings with you.

He is never Intimidated.

We’ve watched how he acknowledges and honors great vessels; but never to his detriment.

The foundation of his security is in God’s power, might and love. If God says it to him, then it can be done through him.

He is a man of Peace.

The ability to be restful can be mistaken to mean you’re void of troubles. On the contrary, his sense of peace is in the restful assurance that Jesus is with him…always.

He is fortified knowing that being on the same ship with God means you’d never sink.

He always says; every challenge comes first, in its magnified form. It’s just a wisdom problem.
Rather than complaints and lamentations, he is a man of thanksgiving. Giving thanks to God in all things.

He is unattached to Material Things.

AJS doesn’t just sow seeds, he is a seed sown for the cause of Christ. Everything about the Kingdom visibly affects him and we’ve watched him pour out his life as a drink offering unto God.

A man with a high threshold level for pain and sacrifice. He always says, nothing is too big or too much to let go for God. He truly means it.
He never gives God and His people, anything short of his best. He has clearly demonstrated that men can be faithful stewards.
Like a pipe, God’s resources has unrestrained flow in and out of him, unapologetically. He is indeed a treasurer of God.

He harnesses the Potentials of Men.

Just like Pastor Ejimi rightly said, AJS doesn’t use men, he builds them.
We all came into his cave of Adulam, distressed, confused, discontented and weak. But he sees potentials in men, and ensures he becomes an active participant in bringing God’s desires for them to pass.

He has successfully grown a community of passionate and extremely valuable believers, effectively representing the King across the globe.

He is a man of Vision.

Successful leaders are self motivated.
We were in the loins of prophecy. Until a man who aligned to God’s heartbeat for a generation, bore us forth.

He is undeterred physical circumstances. His profound sense of vision and focus eventually ensures his environment conforms to his ideologies.
This is how a man compelled the attention of the world from his room.
I know a thousand words are insufficient to articulate rightly the priceless value he has become to us. But I wouldn’t miss the chance to openly acknowledge and honor my father.

He is all these, but so much more. But above all, he is a man mightily helped of God.
Happy Birthday Apostle Joshua Selman. You’ve set yourself on fire and the whole world has come to watch you burn.

Do share other profound lessons you’ve learned from AJS.