My real name is Frank Ileogben. I go different aliases: iTom, eFkay, Baba, Thor (no one calls me Thor, I lied).

I am a communications and brands’ specialist with over 11 years of experience in the creative space. I spent most of my early years in Benin city, where I obtained my Primary and Secondary school certificates. I have a master’s degree in Public health and Environmental microbiology from the University of Benin.

I am also a photography, fitness 
and fashion enthusiast.

Growing up…

I am the last child of four, with three siblings.

One person is missing in here though

Wasn’t one of those children who started kicking football at a young age and then everyone knew the child was going to be a footballer. I was just a playful and stubborn child; growing up. Funny thing is, I wanted to be a medical doctor, a surgeon (can you believe this?) Lol. Thinking about it now, I would never have made it; especially because I am particularly scared of the sight of blood.

Major occurrences that probably contributed to my present career choice would be my love for movies and pictures. I became more curious during my second year as a microbiologist.

During my service year in 2008, I found myself working for a multimedia company in Anambra state and that was the beginning of my journey. Graphic Design was my first love.


It sure has its perks.

Personally, I think the biggest challenge lies in the time it takes to create one video: from idealization, conceptualization, shooting and editing. I could get so busy with work, family, that editing a video becomes a chore. Therefore, phone apps come in handy. They help to tidy up the large chunk of the editing while I’m on the go and then, I can finish up on a laptop at a later time.


To be honest, I didn’t even know it was a challenge to be won. I had initially seen a post FALZ (a Nigerian Music Artiste) making a call for people to dance to his new single, as a challenge. Then the whole lock-down happened, and transformation videos flooded the internet.

A friend of mine sent me a video Dotun made, and I thought it was really cool. It inspired me to try to make mine. The next weekend, I brought out all the clothes I had selected for the shoot and then got to work. I created it on a Saturday afternoon, after my work out routine. It took me about 3 hours of film and edit time to come up with that work of art.

It was all fun and games until people started sharing my content, and I knew I had to take it more seriously. When I was announced as one of the winners, I was shocked and grateful at the same time.

The Aftermath!

Haha! Even though my fingers hurt from constantly trying to respond to comments and questions on how I made the video, and other related questions; I have met amazing people on the bright side. I’ve shared and impacted some knowledge, gained some followers and made some few thousands.


My biggest deal after God and family would be quality friendship. I believe I have been blessed with the best kind of friends. They have influenced my fashion sense and stimulated my creativity. They also are my critics and I think I am better because of them.

About making new friends…

I enjoy good conversation and a good vibe. New friends are welcome. You can send me a Direct Message on Instagram. My biggest pet peeve would be being boastful and “braggadocious”.

Relationship Status (let’s get it out of the way)

LMAO (laughing my ass off). I’m single. My D.M. has an up to date lubrication mechanism.


My go-to tools for a shoot will depend on what I am trying to create. If it is a travel documentary, I’ll have a GoPro and my iPhone which is enough. I created the BOP Daddy video with just my iPhone. As for my camera choices, although I have a Canon 80D, I would rather shoot home-made videos with my iPhone.

My editing software are InShot (mobile application) and Adobe Premiere Pro (personal computer)


I believe that success comes with the deliberate and constant development of a person’s personality. So, I am always eager to learn, to grow and improve the quality of my mind in any field I am interested in. Also, I want to make an impact in the life of the person next to me. This keeps me motivated.

The message I hope my life should send to the world is that life is a beautiful adventure. You should live it, enjoy it, and experience it.

About Mentors…

I am currently under the mentor-ship of two very amazing men. One is a successful business man (ssh, don’t ask who). The other is a leader of my fellowship in Church, an amazing leader. These men contribute very significantly to the manner of man I am, and becoming.


Apart from being a Christian and deciding that Jesus is my peace, I love to listen to music, do some euphonious singing and uncoordinated dancing. I dance at every opportunity I get. It is something I really enjoy doing. It is one of my many forms of expression.

Funny thing is, I was once a part of a gospel dance group for 8 years, we performed in some states in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. When I quit the group in 2014, I decided to go full time into graphics designs and that witnessed my journey into corporate communications.

I also use the gym regularly to keep my body in shape. Then I expend some of my energy in trashing my friends in a game of FIFA 20.


I am always open to trying new trends in fashion but ideally, I stick to what looks good on me, and whatever projects my taste in style.

There are times I just look for inspiration on the gram, other times, it finds me. Association is also very key. My friends are keen on fashion, and that rubs off on me as well.


  • 5 close friends or 100,000 followers? Are you saying my 5 close friends aren’t a part of the 10000 followers? I’m offended. Lol. 5 close friends any day.
  • Read a book or see a movie? See a movie. Popcorn please, sugar, no salt.
  • Eat or drink? Drink please. Water.
  • Restaurant or homemade dinner? Home-made, even though I cannot cook to save myself.
  • Family time or night out with the boys? Time with the boys. They are now family.
  • Ice cream or chocolate? Ice cream please.
  • Soda or smoothie? Smoothie. Please add some ginger. Thank you.
  • Love or money? I love LOVE.


I am happy with the person I am and the things I have. But on a light note, I’ll like to exchange foreheads with someone else, please, I am not doing again.


Some of my friends are in the creative industry and they are amazing at their crafts (you see why I say I am blessed with amazing friends). They are usually my first critics.

One time, I had finished a creative work and was pleased with the result. Only for my friend to call me and start lecturing “his head” on how much better it could have turned out (sorry Victory, lol). Also, I follow a number of creatives on Instagram, and that is another way to stimulate mine.


I started a YouTube channel to host contents on travel, dance and video editing tutorials. I got a lot of people asking me how I made the BOP Daddy video, so I thought to create a channel where I will be posting content on how I use apps and software to create amazing videos. You will be seeing more of me on YouTube. Please subscribe to FRANK ITOM on YouTube.


Practice. Practice. Practice. Start with what you have and keep trying new things. Get some inspiration from the social media handles of editors you admire.

Special Appreciation…

To Grace Christos and Sharon Takim for making this happen. I’m grateful for the friendship we now share.