Well, since my birthday was on Sunday (9th), I take it as God telling me I can celebrate all that through this week😀

Hi GCB lovers! I’m so glad to be writing to you today, especially during this season. I specially thank everyone here who took out time to celebrate me, on my birthday. I value every word spoken and written over and for me. Thank you very much!!

And this has been my best birthday yet!!! Let me share why.

While growing up, two things baffled me greatly. I wasn’t sure what the essence of birthday celebrations were and how they really should be celebrated. I loved the hype, the gifts, the spotlight, the cake and glamour. But after every birthday, I wasn’t sure what I had exactly done or gained.

This frustration was the chief cause of my unhappiness last year, among other things.

Now, I see some of you rolling your eyes and concluding I’m just too serious. Don’t worry, I’ll get better soon.

Well…lets get right to what I found out.


Now more than ever, I realize how much of a privilege it is to be alive and healthy.

In the last one year, I’ve been on the road more times than ever, fallen ill more often, and got attacked a couple of times. These experiences made me never underestimate the miracle of life, and people.

Height of it was in December, some hoodlums wanted my phone and in the process, I got stabbed on my thigh.

Thank God for men like angels who helped me through that night; I got better and I got my phone back. So Thanksgiving couldn’t have been a cliche anymore.

All great men have had experiences that at some point in their lives seem insurmountable; but they overcame eventually. Memories of these things fill their minds and genuine thanksgiving comes from their hearts and mouths.

When you desire to do great things, you expect great challenges and obstacles, which in turn makes cumulates to a great win.

Much more, they know how to celebrate people and generously show gratitude.


First, they pay attention to the words spoken about them. These words reveal their impact, and their uniqueness.

The consistency of words spoken different people are pointers to your competitive advantage, and reveals where you’ve made most impact in lives, in the last year.

Great people know this, and pay keen attention to it.

After the words come, they are used as inventories into how the last year was spent; what was engaged and achieved. It could even serve as a personal assessment of impact, influence and mindset.

Secondly, they pay attention to the prayers and prophecies that come forth to them during their birthdays. Most times, these prayers reveal the next phase of their lives and where their concentration should lie.


A birthday is a new phase of your life. Most times, it ushers in new sets of people into your life.

Great men take notice of the kinds of people that come to them at different phases of their lives.

These people reveal to them what phase they currently are at, the blueprint of their lives and the actions they are required to take to move into the next phase.

It is said that you’re essentially like the top 5 closest people around you. Great men take this seriously.

Also, they find out that the people strategically placed in their life at a particular time are instrumental to their growth and if maximized, will help them into the next phase.


When birthdays are about to be celebrated great people, they take into cognisance these three things and combine them to make the day extremely fulfilling.

They ensure that the day is filled with Thanksgiving. It could be done in a party, an appreciation dinner, an outing or whatever option they choose.

They ensure they spend it with the people they care most about, and whose words have made the most impact in their lives.

These people could be mentors, friends, family, mentees or any other kind of relationship that could serve as a stakehold in their lives. These people are also people whose opinions count the most to them.

Finally, they ensure that their birthdays paint a picture of the next phase of their lives to them. It should have a revelation of a blueprint, stride or opportunity. Something greater, more challenging and much more fulfilling than their current state.

This spurs them to increase their greatness and live more productive lives.

Before your next birthday, ensure you have all of these. I love you!

Write to you soon,
Grace Christos.