Isabelle had just returned back to school in Osun state (OAU), from Abuja where she went to deliver a speech on “Winning Friends“.
It was challenging but exciting. Challenging primarily because she had never spoken to a crowd of over 2,000 people in attendance. And exciting because she had fun doing it. The feedback was great, and testimonies kept rolling in.
Also, she got more invitations and had to immediately ask one of the mentors (Mr. Mark Theophilus) to help her manage it all.
She was so overjoyed and couldn’t wait to share the news with her friend and roommate, Franca. Although since she began talking about taking public speaking seriously, Franca seemed to have been acting up. “It’s all just in my head” she concluded.
As soon as she made her way to Alumni Hall, her hostel on campus, she tried placing a call to Franca. She desperately needed help with her gifts and luggage. After trying endlessly, without any response, she reached out to Irene, her next door neighbor for help. Fortunately, Irene responded.
She saw Franca when she got into the room, taking some pictures on her phone. She was so excited, and forgot all of her previous concerns that she ran towards Franca, giving her a generous hug. The cold response couldn’t be ignored.
Just then, Irene tried to salvage the awkward situation asking Isabelle questions about her trip. Isabelle told her as much detail as she felt necessary, and then, tried involving Franca as much as possible.
Irene was totally blown away. “Wow, Isabelle, you’ve become famous oh. How I wish I could the opportunity to even sit next to Aisha Buhari, much less speak with her….Aaah, you even met Jumoke Adenowo and Ibukun Awosika. Your hard work has paid off, and you are so fortunate…”
And so? Franca retorted. “What’s the big deal with all that she said had happened? Aisha Buhari is very social and open. If you wanna know her, just follow her on Instagram. You give too much credit for common achievements”
“By the way, was it because of your trip you didn’t replace the bottle of water you took from my fridge?” She questioned. I know just how to deal with you.
Isabelle was too stunned for words. Was this event a blessing or curse? Why does Franca always derive pleasure in making her feel miserable? She had just been embarrassed because of a bottle of water that costs less than #100. What was even the appropriate response to give?
“I’ll replace it when I go to Crispy

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in the evening”. She managed to say.
“No oh. I need it now. And henceforth, don’t ever touch any of my stuffs, even if you’re dying. It’s called covetousness” Franca warned.
Isabelle wasn’t sure she could handle anymore, so she made her way for the door, and saw how Irene looked helpless.
Just then, she heard her phone ring. It was Mr. Mark. As soon as Franca saw the call, she laughed hysterically and sarcastically said, “better tell him you are in debt of #100. Manager indeed!”
What was the goal of delivering speeches and motivating people if she couldn’t get own roommate to believe in her? Isabelle thought.
Isabelle picked up the call, and the only word she could utter was, “Sir, I quit. I’m a failure”

Oppression comes in various forms and subtly too. This post is aimed at defining oppression expressly, why it happens and how it can be dealt with. Enjoy!!


Oppression refers to an insidious type of manipulation and control, which could involve subjugation of particular sets of people.

But of course, there is no oppressor without an oppressed.


Contrary to popular belief, oppression doesn’t always have to be physical. In fact, the least effective kind of oppression is done physically.

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the Mind of the oppressed.
-Steven Biko

Oppression begins in the mind. This is why manipulation is most times the first manifestation of oppression.
Manipulation is an attempt to influence the actions of men, taking away subtly their power of choice.

I remember a dear sister I was friends with, who got into a relationship. At first, she started isolating herself from her girl friends because she wanted spending time with her new love. It seemed logical, but every time I got in contact with her, I realized she did this unwillingly. I sensed the longing to spend time with us, but she always seemed unafraid to voice out her feelings. This is a clear sign of oppression.

The joy of the oppressor is that you are locked down with him. Totally dependent, and unable to function effectively without him.
A man I consider who is the wisest on earth made a statement;

“The devil comes to me, and finds nothing of himself in me”

This means, believe it or not, for every manifestation of oppression, there are certain cardinal indices that permits it to occur.


One of the major reasons is FEAR. The truth is that the oppressor is more afraid and insecure than his victim. This is why he seeks endlessly to transfer the same traits creating a conducive environment for fear to thrive.
When fear is successfully transferred, it creates an illusion in the mind of the oppressor to dominate and rule, to the detriment of others.
Unfortunately, leadership is achieved influence; and the greatest of a leaders are those who permit people to willingly decide to follow them.
Another reason is INSECURITY. A typical pattern in the lives of oppressors is that they were denied certain privileges, which developed a consciousness that they were undeserving of them.
This furthermore, inspired them to disallow anyone, as much as possible to gain access to these things too.
Remember how you were consistently reminded some older people how much difference in age they had with you, in order to command respect?
That’s a clear sign of insecurity.
ENVY is another trigger for oppression. It creates a fallacy that you cannot have access to the pleasurable things you desire, unless you deprive those who have them.

Oppression can happen at any level.

From a relationship between an older sibling to a younger one, to teacher-student relationships, even onto love relationships amongst others.
Your life is solely your responsibility. Although certain things could happen in it that weren’t envisioned, it still is your responsibility to take care of it.
From my study, my conclusion is that people get oppressed because they permit it so; consciously or otherwise.

When you accept the fact that playing the victim does not bring lasting solution to life’s predicament, you would do all to access the right information for liberation, and liberate others too.

More often than not, an oppressor was once oppressed.


It is possible to break free from the cycle of oppression. This is the highlight of this piece.
The first step in breaking free from oppression is total separation; from the system, individual or environment.
Atmospheres and environment are constant indicators and reminders of patterns. At different times in oppressive relationships, the oppressed most likely made decisions to leave, but are often lured back these patterns.
Total separation might require you speak out and request for help from trusted and mature people, with a proven track record. Speak out, and request for help if need be.
Also remain accountable, in order to measure your progress.
Secondly, there’s need for a Mind Renewal. You essentially attract that which has become a stronghold to you. Your mind is a birthing place for all possibilities. You become what you consistently permit to dwell therein.
In this stage, you will see the need to completely forgive and let go of any grudges held against your oppressor. Otherwise, you will remain bound it. Realize that your oppressor also needs help.
There’s a need to let go of all mindsets regarding victimization, inferiority complex and all other characteristics that have been welcomed to the mind of the oppressed.
The third step is VOCALIZATION. Declare your liberty, talk about it, share it with someone else. Become vocal about your new convictions and use it as an avenue to liberate others.

Let’s make the world a better place putting a stop to Oppression. It is possible!