The words just never come out right!

I know the frustration that accompanies trying to relay a conviction to a group of people, how much more a crowd and it almost never turns out well. Unfortunately, public speaking isn’t for a select few. We all have to engage in it.

As you thrive in your area of competence, you get to a level of leadership where it becomes mandatory to transfer knowledge to certain kinds of people who admire you, and aspire to be like you.

The power of words is such that it influences the minds of its listeners and compels them towards a line of action. Words, when misinterpreted or misunderstood, translates into an entire different result, than your desire.

Here are five (5) simple and workable tips to enable you love the sound of your voice, and presentation, every time you get to speak.


The major challenge with ineffective public speakers is not their inability to speak fluently. It is first, an internal challenge. It begins with a belief that you are unable, and incapable. You already vividly see your failures and expect it to happen.
The first step is getting to genuinely love yourself.

Faith works love.

Discover what makes you special. The fact that you’re given a chance to speak is already an indication that there’s a wisdom in you, people desire to come in contact with.

The love for yourself should translate in faith in your abilities.

Personally, I love myself so much…I believe I am a great blessing. I can’t wait to share a bit of myself to my world. Whenever I contact light or new insight, I’m super excited; one for my deliverance, secondly, for the liberation of many others.

I believe firmly the world would be a better place if I successfully pass across the wisdom deposited within me God.

No one would love you and believe in you until you begin to. I learned recently that people don’t necessarily listen to you out of a need or because they perceive your value. You are patronized and considered an influencer because you are likeable.

Discover your unique strengths. Capitalize so much on them and carve a niche for yourself. Repeat affirmations to yourself everyday. It’s about time you fall all over in love with yourself again.


The more tension you feel, the more it reflects in your speech. There are some exercises that help get rid of tension (YouTube is a great source of help).
However, one thing you should always remember is that your audience wants you to succeed. Stuttering, grammatical errors and other signs of tension are most times, inevitable. Allow them, then walk past them.

The favorite public speakers are not people void of mistakes. Rather, they are effective managers of mistakes. As you speak, realize you are human. Slow down your speech and relive the words. This is why it is most advisable to talk about things you’re very passionate and knowledgeable about.

Even when your topics are not directly related to your field, chip in some related examples and digress a little where necessary. Passion always adds color to your face.

Most importantly, don’t dwell on mistakes. Don’t give effects to the audience you don’t want to be remembered for.


Your speech submits to your mindset. The words you constantly say are the words you listen to consistently.

To be an effective public speaker, you have to edit your vocabulary. Be cautious about the movies you see, the books you read and the kinds of conversation you engage in.

When you have successfully done that, always set your mind on a learning mode. Sometimes, I get to hear a new word as I see a movie, or listen to a word I always badly pronounce. I unconsciously repeat the words severally to myself to ensure it sinks in properly.

Search for new words and deliberately use them in sentences. But note, new words don’t necessarily mean difficult words.


All forms of energy can be perceived; especially negative energy. The world is full of so much drama which makes it easy to draw up assumptions.

Your words are not the only means of communication. Your eyes, hands, posture…body languages are much larger communication media. So, any suggestive language perceived as offensive automatically sends a negative energy to your audience.

How does this get solved? By love.
Love is selfless, kind and patient. Your love for your audience helps you seek their comfort above yours. You ensure you are placed in a unique center of the stage that encourages them listen better to you.

What is the goal of your message? What is the action call? How does it improve their lives?

These questions enable you study your audience beforehand and limit the use of outrageous and ambiguous grammar language. You use applicable and simple words they relate with.

Your love and care for them compels you to go the extra mile. You ask them questions to ensure feedback, you seek their opinions and get more interactive. You enjoy their company and make them aware of it.


Rehearsals aren’t meant for newbies or babes. You get better with rehearsals. However, as much as going over your notes are necessary and saying them over and over again, nothing beats the power of mental rehearsals.

The imagination is a gift to man. Its power to create and envision happenings should always be made an advantage to us.

Envision the worst case scenario. What if you forget all your lines? What if you get a straight face all through your presentation? What if you don’t receive an applause? What if you trip on stage?

Be ready!! For any and everything. Rehearsals help you get prepared for both pleasant and unpleasant circumstances.

What if you get a resounding round of applause, and it makes you emotional? What if the appraisal is so overwhelming that it makes your mind go blank?

Practice your speech with people of constructive criticism. Embrace all corrections. Don’t take any personal, and work on them.

Have you tried all these and more and it still didn’t help? Or do you have other speaking tips? Please share in the comments section below…You might just save a life!