The new ba doll appealed to my young heart so much…I don’t think I ever wanted to lose it. The secrets in my heart were easily divulged unto it…naked and unashamed.

It was so stable, so trusting, utterly dedicated to my personal soul.
It came into my life and supplied the protection I needed. It was mine. My one, that grew into a community of many…all in One.

But soon aft, my ba doll found another just like it, and left me to agree with it.
Our love story gone sour, we couldn’t walk together.
Oooh, then my heart became open secret and my love was bruised.
Ok…let’s do real life.
You remember that friend you always had, or thought you did…

And you poured out yourself into the friendship, but wrongly?
No more secrets.
You tell a friend a thing in confidence, that becomes told to many other in confidence….hahaha

You remember the feeling of betrayal, you thought you’d never get over?
How could this happen? I thought we all were one big family?

When a place called home becomes a nightmare…
As a young Christian, I did everything a new born child would do. So easily trusting, believing and all…I didn’t think life should be all that complicated.
I was quite outspoken, and enjoyed a stress free life. I never really enjoyed complexity.
This is why it baffled me at that time how especially emotional things could get so complicated.
I think there could be a way to disentangle yourself from all these.
For the purpose of this write up, I would focus on how to disentangle yourself from typical emotional hullabaloo that happens between a boy and a girl.
Boy Meets Girl!

A boy gets to like a girl, but does everything else but tell her. Funny, isn’t it?
He tells every other person too…but the girl!
Two words (my opinion though): Help Yourself!
I am very amazed at the simplicity at which Scripture portrays and exemplifies Courtship.
Though, I am aware some things might not be actually how they seem, and some methods are inapplicable in our world today; but still, I daresay it isn’t meant to always be this complicated.
I firmly am of the opinion that when you see a lady you like, you tell her. Tell her how you feel.

If you don’t think it is the right time to unmask your emotions and reveal your intentions, ask yourself why.
Honestly, settling down to know the reasons for the inertia, your thoughts and actions become demystified. It brings an uncanny level of clarity.
You’d realize that it probably is because you don’t “feel” prepared, you’re scared of rejection, you haven’t sought counsel yet, or you ain’t convicted enough.
ADMIT your emotions! Love/emotion is the foundation; but there are so many other components to building a lasting love relationship.
This is said to imply that the fact that you’ve grown affectionate towards a person doesn’t mean you should become so unlike yourself, and make the world awkwardly unsuitable for yourself to live in.

Emotions are never uncontrollable. It will be unfair if we were given anything that was beyond our control, God (Post on this coming up soon)
The challenge with us is that we don’t HOW to.
You wanna make the world safe for yourself to live in, even with the butterflies?
Make room for genuine friendship.
A man/woman relating together shouldn’t all tend towards a love relationship.
Have time out with other mutual friends.

Learn from each other, help each other and stay honestly committed. Take off the charade of being perfect, and get to genuinely like yourselves.

It should get easier to tell a lady you are affectionate towards, that you are when you’re her friend.
Take it further explaining to her reasons why although you feel such way, you don’t think the timing is right.

An unveiling of your intentions with Sincerity will ease off the tension I believe in such a way that even if nothing gets to evolve from the friendship, it is still preserved.
In fact, it should improve the growth of the relationship, as you both get mutual understanding. You however, must be prepared for positive and negative responses.
Your life can really become easy…make it so.
These are my honest thoughts…I look forward to viewing yours.