The proof of growth is seen in its sustainability. You’re not considered to be grown if you cannot successively manage a level of greatness.

Growth is a realm of existence. It ensures stability and solidification.
This means to ascertain growth, it will be beneficial to take inventories and reviews of your convictions.
In other words, the strength of your convictions will be known when they are subject to reviews.
There are several ways to engage in profitable reviews. We will examine two of them.
1. Reactions
What is your first reaction to occurrences and situations that present themselves to you?

When presented with a new information, are you quick to critic? Do you take it all in; hook, line and sinker, or do you verify the authenticity of such information?
Honestly scrutinize your initial response to all situations.
You may get to realize that your first thoughts and line of actions are negative.

It’s OK. It just means that there is more work to be done within you.
You have to master the art of translating your desires into your reality, imputing them into your subconscious mind.
I desire that my response to every situation, at every given time, should be sponsored a revelation from Scripture.

So, I indoctrinate myself consistently with the truth of God’s Word.
2. Exposure
Most times, we’ve grown accustomed to our environs and its norms…
And how they in themselves trigger particular godly responses.
We get so assured that we are convicted about a thing, when in reality, the atmosphere of believers we are at, is the Chief sponsor of our faith.

Take out time to go on trips, places with greater opportunities, places you envision to be in at your peak of achievement (if you can afford to).

Communicate with other people, and live out your convictions. Ascertain if they would stand the test of time.
The greatest challenge of leadership is maintaining personal conviction in a globalized world.
-Myles Munroe
Zeal without knowledge, assumptions without adequate preparation and verification have fatal consequences.
You put your life on a swinging pendulum, with so much uncertainties when you have dwindling convictions.

Always take out time to scrutinize and weigh the strength of your convictions.

I hope these tests help you….thank you for reading through!