Happy Good Friday to GCB Lovers. I have missed you terribly. How are you doing? Just before I offload all the plenty goodies I have on today’s post to you, I want you to know I really do care about you. If at any point you need someone to talk to, or some encourage, please reach out to me via e-mail: gracechristosblog@gmail.com

So, here are my favorite 9 ways to have fun during this time we have; and I couldn’t wait to let you in on them, and they are in no particular order. Plus, you can do them at no cost at all.

  • Create a food recipe

This is different from trying something new you read out of a book, or saw on YouTube. It is you watching your imaginative and creative ability come to play. You may be well acquainted with a meal or procedure, and just decide to tweak it a little.

Who cares if it turns out good or not? You have nothing to lose.

  • Read a spiritual text

This isn’t me trying to get all serious on you; and it doesn’t have to be spooky or mysterious. It is actually fun. Spiritual texts are one of the most affirming texts you might ever find.  They help you move past your current limitations and envision a life of yours, just as it ought to be. You will find this fun, particularly if you have dreams and aspirations you desire to achieve at a particular time. It fuels your drive to action.

What I do most times is find characters represented in Scripture, whose life story bears a lot of semblance to mine. I relieve that story in my mind and get super excited. Sometimes, I rush to the end of the story of that person, and just smile as I am encouraged that my end would be beautiful. You should try this too.

  • Take a sneak peek of your dream everything on YouTube

Look up your favorite/dream couple, dream cars and houses, country, schools, businesses etc and set your imagination loose. If you greatly desire to replicate it in your life, look out for habits and patterns the custodian of these realities have; and imbibe them.

  • Do a make over

And this is not directed at the ladies alone. There has been some styles, trends and fashion mix on my mind to try but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be on the people around me. What better time to try them out than now? Thinking about it right now, I am realizing the tons of things I have never gotten around to doing. I have actually never gotten my fingernails fixed, put on a contact lens, fixed long eye lashes, and all that stuff. I might not get around to doing all of these, but I would surely try a kind of make over I have never done before.

  • Do your favorite Old Songs throwback

Growing up, my cousin would come around to spend public holidays with us and one thing we particularly always looked forward was her updated SONG BOOK. She had a beautiful Walkman (music player) and will let us in on all the latest songs and artists. It was always so much fun and I treasure those moments.

Any time I want to relieve that experience, I get to download all my favorite old songs and dance to them. Of course, there are some that are so outrageous, I can’t even believe I ever was in love with them. But some still sustain that same effect, and I get to feel so good.

  • Take the longest bubble bath you can

The thought of this already is super exciting. If you don’t have a bath tub, you can make use of a shower. Let the water run through your head down your body, and sing all of your favorite songs. Enjoy as much water as you can until your body almost turns white.

  • Dance in the rain

Thank God for the rain. Closely related to taking a long bath is enjoying the goodness of nature. This will be so beautiful if you manage to live yourself. And if you are married, you can take a step closer to getting to locking lips as the goodness of nature comes down on you both. Who says happiness cannot be gotten for free?

  • Write letters to all your favorite humans on earth

These letters should be nothing like you have written before. Pour out your emotions, memories and adventures you have in common. Let it be as pure and real as possible; this is where the fun is. You can search for old photos and videos and attach them to the letters. It makes it even better.

Finally on this, you can take it further ensuring they receive it when this season is over. Or better still, take snap shots of the letters and send across to them.

  • Start a Journal

Closely related to writing letters is keeping your own journal. Keeping of journals was my first attempt at being a writer. I started documenting my daily experiences and struggles in a journal; titles, Letters to God (inspired a movie). In that journal, I poured out my heart without fear and reservation. Every time I did this, I felt free, like a huge weight has been taken off me.

I always looked forward to my sharing times in my journal, as for me, it was a time to interpret happenings, understand situations and review progress. I think everyone should try this. It is extremely therapeutic. And you never know, just like me, you could build a career out of it.

BONUS TIP: Work on your Self Esteem

Research has revealed that major facilitators of a low self image is sponsored are external factors, and our interpretation of them. These factors include environmental factors, people and resources among other things. You have the blessing of being alone for most part of this time with minimal interference. Now, is the time to evaluate and analyze what you truly believe about yourself.

What influences your perception about yourself? What has been the foundation of the truth you’ve held dearly about you? Ask yourself those questions you have clearly evaded and seek to find the truth in this season.

The drift finally, is to do one of these over the next 9-10 days and find out why of these you will enjoy the most. If you’re with me on this, let me know in the comment section below.

Write to you soon,

Grace Christos.