You usually don’t get a shot at greatness without being prepared.

Greatness resonates around itself. The great patronize the great!
What then happens to us who just began the journey?
How do we live with ourselves, not being able to hold up our heads up high? And not being chosen to perform tasks that matter?
How often do we get overlooked and pain grips our hearts, as we see our efforts go unrewarded?
Truth remains that it is easy to be associated with publicity and fame. A rich man always has many friends.
So what then is the way out?
Leadership is the ability to recognize, harness and manage human and material resources.

Leadership is never in positions or publicity. It’s in service.
You are considered a leader to the degree you recognize dormant potentials in the people and opportunities around you; taking initiative enough to build them.
I’ve come to realize the difference between impact and fame.

While in the latter, all you need do is to follow a trend that appeals to a large number of people (momentarily), Impact seeks to bring genuine transformation.
Impact is oftentimes not sought after because, it has quite a long term effect before it gets rewarding.
More so, it is most times unnoticed; until it gets to a point of consistency, where its fruits are undeniable.
Look around you…

There’s that young lady battling with a terrible skin disease, that’s responsible for her poor esteem.

There’s that young man, who graduated with a Pass, and has lost faith in being gainfully employed.
There’s also that student whose academic efforts do not commensurate with his grades…

There’s so much in the world that sponsors unbelief. Don’t be a part of it!
No one is ever satisfied being a nonentity, liability or nuisance.
Put on your lens of leadership, and relate with people on account of what you foresee they can become. Paint the big picture to them, and help them get there.
Sometimes, all it takes is a compliment, a word of encouragement, motivation, or even a genuine smile.
You never can tell…

You might just be their last hold unto sanity.
Let’s begin with a decision; a decision to allow our lives, become a channel to minister hope to everyone around us.

Let’s give us a chance to live!