She finally got herself back together evening, but the images of the dead man remained vivid. She thought she would be consoled the fact that the culprit was caught and detained…but it didn’t stop the troubling thoughts.
Where do men go when they die? How would I die? Who would attend my funeral? Sycophants?
What sort of life was she living? She decided to go to Allah in prayer to get answers to all of her questions. She sent for Memunah, her personal maid, to run her a bath, and get her set for ablution rituals.

Then she felt a sharp pain on her right leg. Ma, your leg is bleeding and swollen. I think you should send for Mallam Idris. There’s an ointment he makes that cures all pain, Memunah suggested.
She started to protest, but was stopped another sting of pain on her hand. Half an hour later, Mallam Idris was at her home reciting some surah from the Qur’an into water and sprinkling all over her house as some sort of cleansing.

Then, he applied the ointment.

She hated the smell, but was more determined at getting better. Soon, she drifted into thoughts. Not so long ago, the phone lines was ringing uncontrollably, but just at the news of her minor shock and accident, everyone deserted her.
Why are people do selfish? Does she really have friends? Or is she being punished for something she had done wrong unknowingly?
She couldn’t speak to Allah now that she was unable to pray properly. Who could she speak with? She needed answers and fast too.
She called Mallam Idris and asked, Mallam, do you have any genuine friends? He laughed at first, then answered. A poor man has no friends, Alhaja. Everything in life is bought, including men.

How about Allah? Fatimah asked. Do you talk to Him as a friend and share your troubles? Stunned, Mallam Idris looked at her sharply and spoke, I think the shock affected your reasoning. Otherwise, you won’t think to condescend Allah to the level of mortality.
He mumbled some words under his breath she understood to be an appeasement to God on her behalf. After which he politely excused himself.
What a birthday it turned out to be! Soon, she drifted to sleep.
Running as fast as her legs could carry her, she had never felt so much fear in her life. She had barely escaped from Suleiman her husband who was trying to kill her; when she saw a huge ugly creature running towards her. As she almost gave up hope on her life, a bright light shone.

Seek me and you will find me. I will give you rest and peace. The words jolted her back to reality!

She had had a nightmare. Who was the man behind the voice? She didn’t get to see his face. How will she find him?
She remained restless all through the day, unable to concentrate on anything. Why do those words haunt her so much? Could it be a quote?
She picked up her phone as she recalled her daughter once telling her everything could be found on the internet these days. She searched Google for the quote and her breath ceased for a moment when she saw the Name: JESUS!
To be continued…