Hi everyone. Enjoy the ride to the concluding part of the story.
Why are you here? Fatimah managed to say. Why was she suddenly excited? She knew why. He had always been the love of her life and her world revolved around him.
I miss you Fati. I’ve decided to leave Mariam and return. You make me complete; like a real man. You are…
Suleiman, I’m now a Christian. I got born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost, she interjected. Remember how and when I asked questions about the supernatural… Finally I’ve sought and gotten answers. Jesus is alive! Visited me, and… A resounding slap stole away the rest of the words. A slap so familiar; she was jolted back to what used to be her reality.

I’m back! So this nonsense stops. I know what boredom does to you, but you went too far this time. Make something for me for dinner, and I will hear nothing more of this.
She started to leave, then he said, Feels good to be back.
How did she ever fall in love with this man? She gave Memumah directions on dinner, and retired for the night. She wasn’t sure she could entertain any more drama.
At midnight, she heard harsh knocks on her door that interrupted her sleep. As she opened up, she saw a wide grin on the face of the man that used to be her husband.
Is it because of our little disagreement you won’t perform your wifely duties to me?
She had had enough!! I’m no longer married to you. What am I to you? A thing you leave and come back to whenever you want? I have a heart and a life. Please, just get out of my room.
Do you know the implication of what you’re doing? If you lose me, you lose everything. You have no life outside me. He threatened.
I didn’t before, but I do now…in Jesus. Get out!! She screamed.
The night went slowly. She had to admit, she was afraid. But more shocked at how she responded to the man she had once worshipped. She knew she had done what she considered right, but it was all so overwhelming.
It was 4am in the morning but she wasn’t sure she could wait till daybreak. She reached out for her phone and called Pastor Dave.

Matthew 10:37 KJV
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
He asked God to supply her with strength to pull through. Immediately, she knew what she must do.

It’s been 10 years now. She hasn’t returned home ever since, neither did she remarry. She’s been radically spreading the Gospel of Christ across cities as much as she can.

Her son, Mohammed is Christian now, and married to one. Hauwa her ba, is very understanding and loves her regardless. Only Amina still refuses to talk with her. She prays for them everyday and is still hopeful.
Her ministry has been filled with different experiences, and confrontations too. There are circles that still frown at her leading a ministry. She has experienced personal attacks on her life too, but they are nothing compared to the joy she feels when one soul runs to Jesus in absolute surrender.
Sometimes, she misses the luxury she had, but it always had its repercussions.
Jesus has touched her, and she will eternally permit others to be touched through her.