One of the core values of GCB is Truth; and truth can only be absolute with a the presence of a standard, a reference for identification and replication.

The reference of truth is the accurate interpretation of Scripture; as it predates our existence on earth. It is also the source through other books are gotten from.

In GCB, we take pleasure in demystifying essential and controversial concepts needed for an individual to build success that lasts and live victoriously on earth.

This is why it is such an honor, having Jakes Akande, a man who influences youths; empowers them mentally to think out of the box, redefine the essence of their being and ministers hope exemplifying the truth of God’s Word; share unreservedly on the concept of Healing, in the simplest terms possible. Enjoy the ride!

Meet Jakes Akande!

It is such a privilege to have you on GCB. In a world where almost everyone desires to be called or known for something or as something, what would you identify yourself as? 

I regard myself as One who believes in Jesus and a youth advocate for social and political integration.

Define Christianity and its goal.  How long have you been a Christian? 

For me, Christianity is the lifestyle of Christ as displayed a Believer (which explains how the term was derived in earlier church days).

Being born to a Christian family blurred the line for me as an unbeliever and when I became a believer in Jesus and started believing in Him enough to act like He does. But I will say I became aware of the awesomeness of the Person of Christ in me at a very early age: this was about 20 years ago.

What does spiritual growth mean and entail? 

Spiritual growth, as referred to many believers is the process of overcoming fleshly desires, being able to preach eloquently and periodically send out demons and heal diseases.

But for me, Spiritual growth is formation of the fullness of Christ in believers as they behold His person through the Word. Consequently, the Holy Spirit in the believer gives the Word expression and application in daily events. “As we behold, we become” and that sums up spiritual growth for me.

If spiritual growth is simply the degree of formation of Christ within you, then, what is the concept of ministry? What is the role of the fivefold ministry in the church? 

Interestingly, my concept of ministry is twofold.

There is:

1. General  (which is the ministry of reconciliation that every believer is called to): The proclamation of the gospel and its assurance that forgiveness of sin is available in Christ.

2. Specific (which is what every believer discovers about their unique role in the body of Christ based on the equipping done the FIVE-FOLD) : The understanding of all that Christ has made available for the believer, and how the believer perpetuates Kingdom dominion on earth.

The role of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers (the fivefold ministry as popularly called), is stated in Ephesians 4:11,12&13  to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up; until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

The fivefold is one of God’s most incredible gifts to the church. Every one of the five having specific roles, but not independent of the other.

Leadership and accountability…what roles do they play in spiritual growth? 

The leader is part of the flock. He is a sheep. He walks in front as we journey, not because he is more important, but for the sake of order amongst the flock. He is strong, informed, intuitive and amongst other things accountable to self and the follower. The hallmark of leadership is Service.

Jakes Akande

The follower is part of the flock. He is a sheep. He is not always in front as we journey and its not because he is inferior, but for the sake of order amongst the flock. He is strong, informed, intuitive and amongst other things accountable to self and the Leader. The hallmark of followership is also Service.

Service is the goal!

At the end of the day, if Jesus felt the need to say “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles, lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them, not so with you whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be the first must be your slave just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:25-28), He was defining the manner of leadership that we ought to exhibit.

The whole essence of being a follower of Jesus is to live and lead like him. Leadership from this standpoint is all about SERVICE and as long as Jesus is the focus of every believer, the watchword for effective Christian living and growth remains SERVICE.

As earlier said, growth is being conformed to the image of Christ we behold in the Word. Anybody who is humble enough to serve in the capacity of the standard of the WORD; be it in leadership or followership – is open to spiritual growth already.

Leadership (or followership) and Accountability only play a role in Christian spiritual growth when SERVICE is the goal.

Quite unconventional truth! Moving on, it seems like you’ve successfully carved a niche for yourself in the healing sector… How did that happen?

Lol, when you call it a niche, it sounds a little “over ambitious” of me. But I have always had a thing for the supernatural. Plus, if you have ever been as sick as I used to be, and then discovered that you were never supposed to be in the first place; you will attack diseases harder than I do today (I don’t even think I am as aggressive as I should be).

Do you think this has made you controversial?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself as being controversial in any way. I think what most folks call controversial is just the religious uproar, when people are told scriptural truths that are contrary to popular opinion of men.

I have never and I will never say I have seen every truth there is in Scriptures, as there is so much about Jesus we are yet to discover; hence I am totally open to accommodate everything that is scripturally consistent with Christ’s death, burial, resurrection and glorification. But every other thing that doesn’t revolve around Christ is never satisfying for me.

You make healing seem so simple. Can you explain the dynamics of healing and how it can be received?

Understand that all you do when you administer healing to people, is simple obedience to God’s Word and realize how faithful God is to His Word. This becomes the basis of confidence. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with God’s ability.

As a matter of fact, every time you pray for people and don’t get a breakthrough, it is a call to go back to Scriptures and renew your mind; so that you can decrease and Christ increase in you. The times I didn’t get a healing breakthrough (not too many times though), I leave the scene telling the Holy Spirit “Lord, this person came to meet with you and they still met with me…. Holy Spirit, Show me Jesus and I know He will be seen when I show up”

This simplifies the entire process for me. I am hardly working hard trying to heal the sick. I just stay conscious of Jesus and all that He is. I keep beholding.

I have also learnt that sickness and diseases are entities and can be spoken to. Diseases obey when we tell them what we want. If you don’t want cancer, tell cancer to go in the name of Jesus. Say it out loud. Scold it. Rebuke it – not saying I rebuke you but telling it to actually GO! I assure you, cancer will find a way out, because it can hear your authority in Christ. I also learnt from Mark 16:18, that contact (Just contact) between a Believer in Jesus and a sick person is sufficient to bring healing to the sick.

But is healing for everyone?

Yes. Healing is for everyone! Christian and non Christians alike.

Does God withhold healing from you because he is trying to teach you to come out of it yourself and in turn heal others? 

A Big No. The Jesus who walked the face of the earth, before he began his trip to the cross, didn’t need to be sick to learn how to come out of sickness and heal others.

When people are sick, I believe God can heal them, and then use their experiences to help others to come out of similar illness, but I don’t believe  God can deliberately keep them sick just to prove himself as a great healing teacher. Most people who believe in this false doctrine about healing always back it up with the thorn in Paul’s flesh. I will also like to mention that the thorn in Paul’s flesh was not sickness. People should spend time and study the entire passage (2 Corinthians 12).

Jesus bore the disease of the whole world on his flesh before his death and I don’t think any man needs to do same to be able to heal the sick or get healed.

So, there is no special thing one needs to do to receive healing?

Two things I know of from Scriptures; although one of either is usually enough.

a) Only Believe (when you are getting healing from God for yourself, yourself)

b) Do nothing (when someone who believes in Jesus is administering healing to you)

Interesting. Does this mean the healer’s faith can veto the patient’s faith? (i.e if the person you are praying for, has no faith/hope whatsoever of being healed; can the person still be healed on the basis of the healer’s faith?)

Absolutely! If that isn’t possible, then how do we raise the dead? The dead person has no faith whatsoever. He is unconscious. If you don’t have faith enough to get healed, we as believers can have faith for you.

Healing Made Simple.

Believers should take a little time and study what happened as Peter and John went to the temple to pray, and met the man at the gate called beautiful; or study every time Jesus healed folks who weren’t physically present with him.

Truly, when a believer is praying for the sick, the faith of the sick ends at the decision to meet or come across a believer for prayer.

No unbelief can stop the healing power of God from getting to a person who genuinely comes to be prayed for someone who believes. The issue of unbelief only comes in when you are analytical about getting healing all yourself.

If you are going to get it yourself, forget about analysis and focus on Jesus and the Word of God concerning your health. But if you cannot do that, kindly meet a believer in Christ to get you healed and don’t try to have some mental faith for it, just receive help and let Jesus do it all.

We see people relapse back to a particular condition after being prayed for and got relief at some point? What’s likely the cause and how can that be avoided?

OK… I have realized, that when we pray for the sick, we heal their diseases, but we do not keep them healed. We can get you healed, but we cannot keep you healed. Only God can.

This is the reason why when I pray for the sick and they receive their healing, I am quick to lead the unbelieving healed folk to Christ or quick to teach the believing healed folk to know that they have access to healing and sound health every time.

In John 5:8-14, Jesus himself told someone after healing him, to live right or else something worse would happen to him.

The amazing part about Christ’s personality is He is willing to heal and forgive again and again even if things get worse your wrong doing or someone else’s . (Psalm 103). 

Thank you so much for sharing these truths with us, and being a part of GCB.

I love being around anyone who stands unapologetically for the truth of the Gospel, so thank you for doing all you do. Thank you for staying strong; it is inspiring so many people.

Still having questions about the dynamics of healing? Share them in the comment section below. Thank you for reading through.