The real beginning of every man’s existence is a recognition of his source.
No matter how else we try to seem content with the physical acquisitions and accolades of life, the most important things still remain the intangibles…like peace, joy and love.
A wise man is one who recognizes what will matter many years from now, down his lifetime, and pursue after them.
My adventure through life’s voyage of so many uncertainties began just like this:

My birth name is Habibat Abubakar. I am from a family of four (Dad, Mum, My elder sister and I), with my dad being Muslim, and my mum is Christian. I always believed their marriage was preserved solely the hand and mercy of God.
Whenever Daddy wasn’t home, mum will sneak us into churches; anyone that happened to be opened at the time. I particularly always loved the praise and worship session.
In 2012, I had rounded off with secondary school on a sad note. Dad had just lost his job, I failed JAMB woefully and of course, had plenty boyfriend drama (the most important for me at that time).
I withdrew to 2go one night as always, to find comfort and solace in acquaintances I had just met. Little did I know this night was not going to be like any other.
From a mutual friend, I met a very cute guy online that evening that caught my attention. As the conversation progressed, I told him about my relationship challenges and sought counsel. He proposed a meeting day, the next week for us at a birthday party.
On that fateful day, we met and we talked. Thank God he didn’t come across as a regular “church boy”… God knows I would have called off his bluff immediately.
After a warm interaction, he gave me two things. A relationship message, encoded in a disk, and a book: Goodmorning Holy Spirit Benny Hinn.
Because of my unique love for books and studying, it caught my attention. Truly, God lures us with the very things we’re familiar with. I could read as much as a 100+ pages in a day but couldn’t seem to read past the first Chapter of that book.
The words of Benny Hinn permeated my whole being undeniably. I felt so disturbingly different. I couldn’t explain it…didn’t know what it meant, but I experienced it.
Later that night, I saw a form (like a shadow) come into my room at exactly 2am. I was so terribly convicted…felt filthy and ashamed. I remember this day as vividly as today. I dropped to my knees and cried my eyes out. All I could say was “Holy Spirit, come into me”.
Looking back now, I actually wonder if I understood the implication of my request. All I knew is I wanted it so badly as a man dying for breath.

24th August became the beginning of the end of my life.
Contrary to what alot of people make it seem, nothing really changed in my life outwardly. I still had my three boyfriends, listened to the same set of songs I used to, the foul language didn’t change. All I remembered was an encounter, but it didn’t translate so much outwardly yet.
Until one day…