I am greatly humbled the feedback in such a short while. I’m a firm believer that a man is essentially his mind which makes it a great risk to subscribe to any thought pattern. Thank you for following through.
So… Back to the story!
As I stayed in Lagos after receiving Jesus, there was no environment to cultivate that which I had just received so I stayed the same.
But God never leaves His own alone. He is always mindful of me.
On the day I concluded studying “Goodmorning, Holy Spirit”, I tried praying to God but it was unusually difficult to, that day. I was quite uneasy.
The next thing I found myself doing was taking up my phone and sending the same text message to my 3 boyfriends at that time. Explicitly telling them all that I was born again and my relationship with them was interfering with God’s.
I did that and put away my phone so as to take any form of temptation away. Oh my! My own guts astounds me.

There was still an intense atmosphere at home in Lagos, and I was tired of being a nuisance. Immediately an opportunity presented itself for me to leave home, I grabbed it.
I arrived Zaria on the 24th of October. I heard Northern men like ladies who could speak English. Trust lasgidi babe, I was so ready to flex my way through.
Halimah, my adorable elder sister just watched me closely. She then suggested a Friday service I could attend so as to take away boredom. She was very certain I would like it.
By the way, she converted when she gained admission into A.B.U.
On the 26th of October, 2012, I remember going for Koinonia (Corona, as I pronounced it then), with my head tied with like three scarfs, to match my pink A-shaped gown.
But I was so in for surprises!
The first thing that struck me was the lady who stood beside me, at the first overflow. She was in tears, unashamedly talking to a God she obviously knew. I felt so uncomfortable and ashamed for her. Just crying anyhow in public.
Fortunately for me afterwards, a friend of my sister’s got me a comfortable seat inside the auditorium.
Contrary to popular belief (due to encounters with northerners in the West), all the men who stood on stage to perform a function could actually speak English!
Then, we were asked to hug one another after the Welcome Address. That’s how they began one kind of hugging spree oh…free of charge. Haaa!
But in all, I literally could perceive genuine love, affection and warmth in the atmosphere. It was almost too much for me.
It didn’t stop there. They also were praying in one strange language like that. Then I remembered a pastor in Lagos actually prayed in such unknown language too. They said it was called tongues.
I was bewildered. Wasn’t tongues only for pastors?
Thank God no one engaged me in a conversation that day. I’m not sure what I would have said.
My next goal was to learn how to speak in unknown tongues. Strategically, the next Koinonia service would be a prayer meeting; and of course, everyone decided to not pray in English that day.
Intimidated, I had only one request that evening; “Lord, please, I want what these people have”.

I shared my desire with an usher in Koinonia that evening, and he scheduled a meeting. I got filled with the Holy Spirit, with an evidence of unknown tongues almost immediately, as we prayed together in Chapel premises the next day.
The journey has been excitingly challenging everyday as I choose Jesus daily.
An encounter with God isn’t a one time thing as I’ve come to learn.
If God could pick me out of thousands, train and beautify me, I think He can do it with anyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now, what you’ve done or what you know/don’t know.
All it takes is a willing and trusting heart to say; “Hello, Jesus. I choose You
…And see what He makes out of you.

Thank you for reading!