The easiest kind of writing for me is writing about the truth. It almost has zero negative side effects.
Hmmm…let’s continue with our story!
I’m sure alot of Christians can relate to times when we just came into the fold and everything was seemingly very smooth and easy…
Mine wasn’t exactly different at first.
After getting filled with the Holy Spirit, I ensured I prayed in tongues every opportunity I got for fear of losing my “new ability”.
At that time, I stayed in a self contained apartment with my sister, mum and ba… So the only place I could freely pray was in the toilet at night.
I remember how I would get so lost in God and the feel of mosquitoes would lose its effect on me.

I took it a step further and made the Chapel of Redemption, in Ahmadu Bello University, my second home. I was there, almost every day. Coupled with the fact that I was not yet in the University, I had the liberty of time.
I remember I fasted more than I ate in a week…I was so hungry for God. I read voraciously; listened to almost all available Koinonia messages (external ministrations included).
I always wondered why people struggled in life at that time. Everything seemed perfect for me as I enjoyed my work with God. This perception became detrimental to me as I trivialized people’s processes with my stereotyped mind that your present reality is the evidence of your pursuit of God.
However, God is extremely merciful to a sincere heart. He showered me with so much grace, comfort and ease.
Every step of my life was ordered God.
The third Koinonia service I attended was “Knowing God Experientially“. I got exposed to the possibility of actual intercourse with the knowledge of He whom I had pledged allegiance to serve.
I also got introduced to the reality of the Kingdom concept; to the ideology of training camps and execution grounds. There was an increased sense of belonging to a Kingdom family with a King as my Father.
I contacted a burning desire to know God truly that has never waned till date. I asked God in that service to reveal Himself to me…not comprehending entirely my request.
And of course, He answered me!
The next week, the service was totally interrupted the Holy Spirit (The Living Logos), and I dare say, God had me in mind especially. It ushered me into the reality of the gifts of the Spirit; the word of knowledge specifically.
I got my first prophetic word from Apostle Joshua Selman (my father).

He activated a prophetic grace in me I never knew existed. I received an impartation of the spirit of revelation as he opened up my understanding prophecy.
After that experience, I kept asking God, “Is this how you soon you answer prayers?”
In that service, I got to understand that it wasn’t sufficient enough to know that God was Almighty and Lord over the earth; there’s a need to understand delegated authority, and our place in Him.

That’s how God added unto me daily.
I opened a new 2go account with Soul winning as my aim. I added individuals from different groups and spoke to them about Jesus. There was so much love in my heart that I needed an avenue to pour it all out to others.
I couldn’t boast of knowledge of so many Scriptures or longevity in the faith. My only testimony was like that of the Samaritan woman at the well; “Come and see a man who knows me so well, but loves me all the same”.
Night after night, I would intercede for souls; known and unknown, to come into the knowledge of the saving Lord.
I won my first soul to Christ shortly afterwards. It was the best thing to happen to me at that time. This experience sponsored my first testimony in Koinonia.

Recounting on all these experiences, I am so full of thanksgiving. 6 years down the line, and I can confidently judge God faithful.
There is so much in God to know and achieve but one thing is needful. I sum that up in one word:
Know Jesus; then become an avenue for others to know Him too”
But I didn’t always find it this enjoyable because of certain reasons…
Find out in the next episode of Hello Jesus series.
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Thank you all for following me this far and your wonderful comments. They inspire me!
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