Every human being likes to exert a measure of control over his life. This is why no salvation experience is ever ordinary. It is a time where men get spent on themselves, and decide their lives shouldn’t be in their controlling power.
While some salvation experiences turn out to be quite dramatic, the essence of it is fulfilled with an acceptance of God’s overwhelming love and desire for man.
Enjoy two of the most beautiful salvation stories on Hello Jesus Series.


He was everything to me. With him, I had nothing to worry. I was daddy’s little girl and then he left me without prior notice. I was betrayed and changed from a sweet little girl to an angry, bittered and wicked child. And I was growing. I knew God existed but my earthly dad was all I needed.
I began a journey to finding love and filling the void that his death had created, I wanted my dad’s kind of love. I got into a relationship that only left me more broken.
I was in a meeting in August 2014 and I heard the most beautiful voice in my head (spirit) while listening to the preacher, “when I went to the cross, I had you in mind and always loved you”
For me, all I wanted was love but Jesus gave me so much more when I gave Jesus my life and accepted him as my Lord and savior. I got into the most transforming, loving, refining, renewing relationship with the Holy Spirit, the comforter Jesus gave me.

With Jesus in my life, I could forgive my daddy. It is now sweeter and loving. I have no regrets at all!


My name is Afolabi Oluwaseyi Adesina aka A’foxx. I’m a rapper and a song writer who was born and brought up in Zaria, Kaduna state.
Growing up, I have always been fascinated about raps. I didn’t understand what they were saying but I could feel their soul and pain. And because I didn’t grow up with my dad (my parents got divorced when I was 4), I could totally just connect with a lot of the things I was listening to because it felt like the rappers were directly speaking to me.
As time progressed, I got the confidence to start writing my own raps and I started learning how to express myself better. I remember battling a lot of rappers in my junior secondary school days. Took it a step further and recorded a few songs in 2010 with some of my friends.
But before then, we had already started experimenting with drugs. I had so many questions in my life that I needed answers to; I was about 17years at that time. No one seemed to connect with me I tried going to church for answers but I couldn’t connect with what the pastor was saying it didn’t make sense to me to be honest, at that time I could quote a Nas song better than the Bible. I felt quite stressed with the dos and donts, and the stress got to me.

We graduated from secondary school in 2011 but I wasn’t given admission immediately so I had to chill at home for a year. Those were really dark times for me, because I began battling depression. This led me to use more drugs, I smoked a lot more, partied a lot more and and had more illicit sex. I drowned my conscience with more music that endorsed my lifestyle. But deep down, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. The emptiness and void I was feeling proved to me that I was on a wrong path but I just couldn’t help my self.
I finally got admitted into ABU in 2012 to study metallurgical and materials engineering. But I was already a junkie. Much more, my music was making waves! Two of my songs were picked notjustok.com which was the biggest music blog in Africa at that time.

That gave me a lot of exposure and street credibility. Life seemed so good at that time!
I knew I was scared. I knew sooner or later this path was gonna consume me but I was in so much darkness I didn’t know what to do. I had a lot of questions but I had no answers. I didn’t even know where to get the answers from.
One day I was smoking as usual, and the smoke started choking me in an unusual way. I remembered thinking I was gonna die, because at that time, I lived in constant fear and anxiety. In that instant, I asked God to save me but prior to that time, my mum and friend Dextar, had probably been interceding for me.
That day I was choking very badly and then I asked God to save me. I told him to help me that I was tired of living a fake life, because the truth was I wasn’t being real with my self. I was trying desperately to keep up with a lifestyle of the celebrities and rappers I idolised from my childhood days. They boasted about sleeping with a lot of girls and popping a lot of pills and I wanted to do everything they talked about in their music.

I knew something had happened to me but I had no idea what it was. I had been involved with Church activities all my life but still this was just different. So I needed clarity and understanding.
Fortunately for me, I told my music producer and friend at that time Tshayne about my experience and he gave me a lot of messages from his laptop that time and I started listening to them. Most of the messages he gave me at that time were Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages and Pastor Chingtok songs.
I had never heard of Koinonia or The Godlife Assembly before then, this was around June 2014. I had that encounter on May 31st 2014. I kept listening to the messages and then gradually my mindset started transforming. I know it sounds crazy but even my physical body and appearance began to change.

And then God in His mercy began to connect me with different people. I remember God connected me with my old time friend Joshua who then connected me with Portals an intercessory ministry on campus and that fired up my prayer life. Portals became my family, we shared genuine love in portals and those were some of the best moments of my life. I made awesome memories, while my prayer life fired up to a new level.
At that time I had also quit music. I hated the idea of music, in fact, it was as if I lost the ability to rap because I just lost interest. I felt music was the reason my life was messed up so I didn’t want to have anything to do with music. I just focused and dedicated my time praying and studying God’s word.
But over time as I grew in God, I started appreciating my experiences and the transformation the Spirit of God in my life. So I wanted to testify and tell people about how Jesus changed my life. The best way to do that at that time was through music so I started recording music again, and that’s how I started making music.

God has really been faithful ever since I made that decision on May 31st, 2014. By the grace of God, I keep growing to know Jesus and to think the way He thinks. The more I study Him, the more transformed I become. My world needs Jesus. They might not know it yet, they might be too proud to admit it but everyone needs Him.
And I believe I’m an ambassador of his values and culture.
The most beautiful love story on earth is the one with Jesus. You do absolutely nothing to warrant His love and sacrifice. Mine was no different(check it out here)…and I’ve never remained the same.
What’s your story?