The problem we face today cannot be solved on the same level of thinking we were at, when we created them.

In January 2015, I listened to an audio message titled, Financial Dominion Apostle Joshua Selman (a man I consider to have mastered the art of right thinking).
I listened countless times to the message, so much that it permeated my dreams. One morning after such kind of encounter, I just felt it was time to be financially free. I took my allowance for the month and went to a bookstore. I used all of the money on books.
With that kind of urgency and determination, I thought that would be it, and my life would experience tremendous growth. But few weeks after, I remained the same, if not worse off. Let’s find out why!
This year, my team and I (GCB) will be sharing practical, time tested steps geared towards making you achieve the level of success you desire to become, in your mind.
It begins in the mind. Everything begins with a thought.

Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people.

It should be established that what we think determines who we are; who we are determine what we we do. You are a summation of your thoughts. For example, I look happy when I think happy thoughts, I look forlorn when my thoughts are far off, distant and seemingly out of reach. Get the drift?

More so, your thoughts influences what you do. If you feel happy, you’d naturally engage in activities that keep you happy. It will eventually spur to others. It’s that simple, but important.

We become limited when we only understand how important thoughts are, but never how to actually think.
Most educational institutions tell you “what” to think, never “how” to think. This becomes to how detriment as our creativity is taken away.
Thinking rightly is an art, it can be learned. We can change the way we think.


Good thinking creates the foundation for good results.

One of the reasons people don’t achieve their dreams is that they desire to change their results without changing their thinking.

No matter the spiritual experience, it has to be translated accurately for the mind to perceive. Until the mind successfully receives and converts it to tangibles, it remains without benefits.

Good thinking increases your potentials.
Progress is often just a good idea away. You are set apart your ideas.

Ideas rule the world.

The more you engage in good thinking, the more good thoughts will come to you.

Achievement comes from the habit of good thinking.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.


In changing the world, realize that you are a part of the world and you’d need to be changed too. In fact, in changing you, the world begins to change. This is why I preview all GCB posts; ensuring I believe the words in them before sending them forth.

For every value I give out in content, I ensure it is first a reality. You give out yourself in your content.
In changing you, your world begins to change. As your world changes, you attract more people into it. Then, you begin to replicate your ideology in them. This is how to create a changed world, you.

Realize, Changed thinking isn’t automatic. It is difficult. But it is worth the investment. It also is the best gift you can give others.


Practice Intentional Thinking.

1. Find a place to think your thoughts.
If you have a place to think, it stimulates the experience.
Personally, I do a lot of strolls during cool evenings. They help me clear my head and meditate intentionally. Also, I take advantage of travels to think. As much as listening to music and reading is good during traveling (especially long distance travels), sometimes, it is beneficial to cut out all the noise and think yourself! Without external interference.
Find a place where you can think, dedicate time to thinking and capture your thoughts on paper so you don’t lose them.
2. Shape your thoughts.
Many times, a thought that seems outstanding at night looks pretty silly during the day. Ever been there?
Revisit your thoughts in paper. Ask questions:
What materials relates to this thought? What ideas can make the thought better? What changes can make these ideas better?
3. Stretch your thoughts.
This deals basically with identifying key factors in bringing your thoughts to life; both human and material resources. You go farther with a team than you can go alone.

4. Land your thoughts.
Begin with yourself. People buy first into you before your ideas. Do you believe it? Do you love it? Do you believe others can live it?
If the answer to any of these is No, you need to go over the entire process again.
Then, talk with the key players and people most affected your idea.

At the end…
Think things through, then follow through.


Of course! I’m committed to following you through. Do “follow” GCB and send a mail (go to the “contact” section for details).
1. Identify the best thinkers around you. Spend quality time with at least one of them, intentionally.
2. Find a place to think
3. Dedicate 30 minutes to thinking everyday.

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Welcome to 2019!! Thank you for trusting me enough being a part of GCB.
As always with every new season, there are different words of prophecies, motivation, resolution and its likes. However in essence, you do not experience a new season when the calendar date becomes different. A new season begins when you decide that it should.
Permit this to be your best season yet!