Becoming a Money Magnet

Find out how to get the kind of money you deserve


Grace Christos is a certified brand storyteller and digital marketer, with a goal to inspire, train and groom financial intelligent creatives, to live their best lives on their own terms. Becoming a money magnet is your first step to achieving the life you admire and only see in movies. With this book, you will realize that everyone CAN be rich, and understand what you need to do, to get you closer to your financial goals.

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I got so much value from your class about multiple streams of income, thank you. I just turned down a job offer because of my previous mindset, but now, I have gained clarity, thanks to you.
Maureen Stephen
Content Creator
Your book answers virtually every content creation question people battle with, ranging from what to create content about, getting out of creative block, what platform you should create. Every single thing!
Dupe Olomola
Faith and lifestyle blogger

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