2019 has been my best year yet! No kidding and it’s no cliché. From 2016-2018, I had so many hiccups through life, I had contemplated suicide a couple of times, been heart ripped not just broken, failed in so many things, I didn’t know I could make it through.

I slid into 2019, with little expectations and commitment. I doubt I had any goal. I just had one thing right; God loves me, and I love Him. So I would bask endlessly in His love.

But 2019 came as a consolation for the previous years. It is so overwhelming; my gratitude has to reach the rooftops.


B. Beauty

God has made me so beautiful; it is hard to move past me, without a second glance. And it isn’t that I am more privileged with features others don’t have; it is that I have been blessed with a beautiful mind, and I know just how to take advantage of it.

Beauty is more inward than outward. You see certain people with fine features and faces, but they still feel repulsive to you. You don’t want to be associated with them. Or for some, as soon as they open up their mouths, the attraction seems to fade immediately. Beauty is undeniable. It makes every part of a person attractive and compelling.

C. Change

A change in mindset, perspective, approach, language, friends, mentors, company, almost everything. The things that remained were my values. They are the core essence of my being.

Evolving in strategies and devices are one of the irrefutable keys to success.  I am grateful I am malleable enough to embrace change even when it didn’t come from me.

D. Decisiveness

After finishing my undergraduate program in 2018, everyone else thought I should follow the norm of applying for law school and/or service and felt I would be inevitably limited if I didn’t.

Well, I didn’t and I’m grateful God directed my path. Staying away from the crowd has been one of the greatest decisions I made this year. I’m much more grateful for the ability to make quick and right decisions, and follow through them regardless of the consequences.

F. Friendship

I was asked what my definition of friendship was, and I gave an analogy instead. I said, my friends are people, if I got in trouble at about 3:00am in the morning, they would leave wherever they are, and get to me immediately, no matter the cost. Do you have such kinds of people around you?

I have just about 6-7 of them and I feel like the most fortunate person on earth.

G. God

God is the most important person to me. I could write an encyclopedia of who He is, and what He has done, but I will simply put; nothing else in my gratitude list could have been made possible without Him.

And nothing else would matter if I didn’t know Him. I’d be long dead.

H. Health

I’ve come to appreciate sound health like never before, this year. Ill health is considered as a huge interruption in my productivity pace. This year, I learned not to pursue things that can be easily exchanged for money, and neglect the things money cannot buy.

I am grateful for sound health and quick recuperation from ailments.

J. Jobs

There was no other year I had job opportunities and recommendations like in 2019. All the past years of consistency and building finally paid off this year. I literally had to turn down offers and endorsements, so I could have a LIFE.

I do not take it for granted in any way. I thank you for all the referrals and recommendations.

I. Influence

Although influence is greatly relative to your current level, I’ve watched how God has greatly multiplied my efforts and amplified my voice within my small circle.

I’ve met highly influential people this year, I feel like my contact list was completely revamped. There are relationship goals I set to achieve; people I wanted to meet and maintain a relationship with…like late Promise Excel, John Obidi, Emeka Nobis, Duke Peter, Edirin Edewor and the likes. I’ve made at least 70% progress on this.

I’m grateful for all the people who considered me valuable enough to be a part of their vision, company and board. I’m much more grateful for the great people who seek my counsel before taking action on anything.

Business consulting was one part of my life I greatly explored this year. I’m grateful for the proofs and results on my Instagram and Facebook page.

I am also grateful I started this blog this year, in May and the results remain astounding. I’m forever indebted to the people who set it up at no cost, and the sacrifices they have put in it.

L. Love

Yeah! Your girl found love in 2019 after 7 years. As at this time last year, I never would have thought I’d be writing this. I hadn’t even met my superman yet. But in less than one year, I feel like I had been compensated for all the heartbreaks and tears I had had all the years combined.

5 years ago, I was emotionally pained and wrote to God that I was convinced that at the end of this phase of my life, I will look back and thank Him for not making it work out with other guys.

5 years later, I am overjoyed, and can share my testimony! I am getting so much more than I bargained for. God is too good to me, and I’m grateful.

M. Money

I was never in the clique of the “benz” guys, but I made MONEY in 2019. I signed out gracefully from poverty, and I accredit this to one profound skill I learned; HOW TO SELL.

Are you currently broke? My question back to you is, what are you expecting? Until you learn to sell, you most likely will keep being broke. Nothing is for free.

I’m grateful for all the financial blessings that come my way, and I’m looking forward to more in 2020.

P. Peace

Peace is a settled conviction gotten from the fact that nothing bad lasts forever. Also, it is a realization that nothing comes to you, without a provision of grace from God to overcome.

I’m grateful for the peace of God that made me go through every turbulent occurrence in 2019, with my sanity intact. It has made me so joyful, that people are forced to believe that my life is smooth sailing. I like it, and I remain thankful.

R. Rest

2019 was the year I rested. I ended strive, contention, pain and every other thing that was energy draining.

I chose to believe one thing and one thing only. God is crazy about me and nothing/ no one else mattered who wanted to prove the contrary.

I think this is the primary reason I added extra pounds this year.

S. Strength

The negative things I’ve been through are never my reality. I always choose my focus rightly; and this amounts to the incredible strength I possess, even in the toughest of times.

From the physical attacks, to the near death experiences, disappointments and ailments, I keep coming back stronger. I have learned to trivialize pain so much more in 2019.

I changed my entire playlist in 2019. I love good music, and for every season of my life this year, I had an anthem to describe it.

Songs are extremely therapeutic and I am grateful for their consistent ministration to me. This year, my favorite songs were My Champion Bethel, Letting Go Steffany Gretzinger, No Bondage Jubilee Worship and my all time favorite; Here Now Hillsong.

With the songs, you can easily describe my experiences in 2019.

T. Time

Time is a gift. God entrusted another 365 days to me, and I know He is proud of what I made out of them. I am grateful for all the time I had to accomplish all my set goals within the year. I am grateful for the time I spent with people who shaped my ideologies and formed my mindset.

I am grateful for the time I spent my lover. Every moment with Him counts. I am grateful for every transaction I could make with time.

V. Vacations

There was no time I traveled in my life, like I did in 2019. I did exposure tours, visits to beautiful places, met exciting people and learned a number of new things.

Anytime I felt stuck and needed fresh inspiration, I hit the road. I am grateful for the resources provided to travel, the people who accommodated me endlessly and the safety God gave all through these trips.

Looking forward to more travels outside Nigeria in 2020.

W. Wisdom

I valued wisdom than my life in 2019. The more progress you make in life, the more challenges you’d encounter, and the more wisdom you would need. Wisdom is the greatest key for success.

Wisdom is the ability to know what is right, when it should be proffered and how it should be given. Every problem needs wisdom to be surmounted.

People commended my courage and audacity in 2019, and some asked how I always remained confident. The honest answer is through wisdom. Wisdom keeps you ahead and proactive. Wisdom is greater than strength. Wisdom makes you a leader.

I trace every success and accomplishment gotten in 2019 to the wisdom I was blessed with, in God. I am tremendously grateful.


Above all, I am grateful for YOU reading this right now. You are an incredible and instrumental part of my success in 2019. You and God are the reason I haven’t considered giving up, or taking my life. I think about the books unwritten, the words unsaid, the lives not yet transformed, the YOU I’ve not yet met, and I keep pushing on. And maybe because of You, I would consider a career in modelling…haha

Thank you for being a part of GCB. You count to us, always. I love you!