I struggled for a long time before I got to publish this. I hope it blesses someone!

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria was never the option!! My elder sister had always had a thing for the North, but even after she successfully gained admission to ABU to study Electrical Engineering, I wasn’t influenced.

Born and bred in Lagos, I just wanted somewhere close. So as a science student, influenced Dad to study Medicine, I wrote my first JAMB in 2012 with University of Ilorin as my first choice.

But of course, it was a total flop. I had a JAMB score of 186. I remember how much I cried, when I found out. Although I was an average science student, I hadn’t experienced such kind of failure before.

I passed WAEC and GCE well, then, enrolled for NECO examination. After WAEC, we had about three weeks break, before the NECO so I decided to do something unusual. I registered Art courses for NECO. My dad thought I was confused and crazy. I thought so too myself, yet I still did because I wanted playing around.

I had a personal tutor who helped me prepare for two weeks, and then, I read everything I could voraciously, for the last one week.
My dad realized I was serious, so he encouraged me to do a pre-degree program in OAU, Osun state. Unknown to me, the literature texts for JAMB were different from WAEC and NECO… That’s how I was clueless during the exams and didn’t make the cut off Mark.

The sequential effect of these events dampened my confidence and I let life just pass me .

God looked upon me with His goodness and my NECO results came out. I made all my papers (except Yoruba language of course). But at that time, no one really cared. So I still felt inadequate.
I decided to leave home and get away from all the negativity…

My Zaria experience began.

I had gotten so involved in Koinonia that every other activity became secondary. My mum got worried, and insisted that I enrolled in extra moral lessons in Zaria. Unfortunately, I didn’t last a month.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

I met a dear friend, Michael Kumekor, in Koinonia who offered to tutor me (for free). And because he is phenomenal, he also instilled in me foundational values.

He ensured my speaking and writing quality improved, and that I was spiritually and morally upright. It was more than I ever bargained for.
I opted for Computer Based Exams because of my flair for gadgets and was done with my exams in an hour. I had 267 as my results and everyone made a big deal about it. Well, everyone except my dad.

I had applied to study Law in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), and he wanted at least a 280.
After much deliberation, he decided that I should do a change of institution to Ahmadu Bello University. My chances of admission was greater than in OAU.

Immediately afterwards, ASUU embarked on a 6 months strike and I had to return home. Those months were almost the most productive in my entire life. I took out time to prepare for the next phase of my life, with little or no interference.

In December, the strike was called off and we had to return immediately to Zaria to write Post UTME. I was elated. I brushed up my books and refreshed my memory (I’ve always been a last minute study person).
I got to the hall and met some beautiful sets of people; amongst which were Grace Sani, Agnes and Benny. We talked, argued and had fun before the exams.

When I got to the hall, I saw the exam questions. It was unbelievable. They were the simplest things I’ve ever seen in life. Especially the Christian Religious Studies. I sang my way through to answering them. I had a 340 eventually.

It then dawned on me that I might likely study Law. It wasn’t what I wanted at all. I wanted Mass Communication. What began as a joke was getting really serious.

All I wanted was to have fun and be creative. Little did I know, I was charting the course of my destiny.

Law was in an obscure campus, called Kongo. How on earth was I meant to survive? Church, friends, family…everything was in Samaru. My heart was broken.

I almost didn’t do the registration as at when due. I did it on a Thursday and that’s how I met Dinchi, Ozi, Mans and Kharimat. The officials complained about my dress and I had to borrow a scarf from one of them to help myself. It added to my dislikes for Kongo. But it changed eventually.


I met John Mikky in Samaru after I had successfully paid my school fees and he offered to help me click accommodation. I was so happy. He ensured I was able to and got me a room of 6.
I had 6 roommates (with a squatter) Blessing (my bunkmate), Martha, Becky, Nana, Medinat and Mary.

What I Learned in 100 LEVEL

Consistency: Both in spiritual activities and academics. I was so fervent in the spirit, zealous and without knowledge most times.
Special thanks to Mohammed (M.M.) and Haruna Ozi Salami who took me out at night to read. That’s how I discovered I was nocturnal. It worked well for me all through my years in school.

Setting Priorities: As far as I was concerned, the only reason I stayed back in Zaria as opposed to OAU was because of my love for Koinonia. Also, I was a School of Ministry studen then; which meant I had to manage my time effectively.
This translated to my weekends being totally occupied. Week days were squarely for academics, while weekends and breaks were for spiritual activities. It helped me maintain a healthy bale for a while.
I had a pact with myself, that if I couldn’t cope with law, I’d transfer to mass communication. At the end of the session, I was on a 2.1. That’s how I knew I was stuck for life.


I decided to widen my horizon, beyond School and church and engage in other activities.

Tried out a couple of public speaking competition and was amazed at how appreciated I was… with little or no training. Then, I also discovered I could write after my father, (AJS) commended my efforts.

I had my favorite roommate (Favour Himi) who was able to accommodate all of my excesses and always provided a conducive environment for my gifts to thrive.

And I made two great friends; Aisosa Ogboro and Tosin Osadare.

What I Learned in 200 LEVEL

-People love you not because you’re the best, but because they have chosen to.
-Self discovery is a life time pursuit. As you discover you, serve yourself to the world.
-Never be afraid to take risks.
-Diligence is always rewarded.


I started to gain a little level of popularity to what I could do, and I got extremely busy. My grades started to decline gradually.

I became the deputy head of my faculty law clinic, editor in chief of ENI Media, a member of ENACTUS, SOW, amongst many other things. I was so overwhelmed…looking back now I don’t know how I coped with them all.

What I learned in 300 LEVEL

Goal Setting: I was gifted a beautiful book Ayodeji Adeyemo, I think it was hand crafted and I used it to set goals which AJS taught me to. I set both long term and short term goals…although I never got to accomplishing them all.
-I had flaws: In fact, plenty of them. I got so used to being wonder woman, I trivialized friendship and relationships. My choleric personality didn’t help much either.

I also got terribly heartbroken, it took me a while to recover. Almost all the wrong things happened all at once. I was greatly misunderstood. Admired from afar, but criticized my inner circle.

These and many other things made me become withdrawn. I became my favorite company.
And of course, my grades continued to decline.


I wanted freshness so I frequently changed company. I was friendly but hardly had friends. Didn’t want to hurt anyone or get hurt. I embraced solitude like my life depended on it.

I joined Rhema Chapel Worship Team and got out of most of my previous engagements. Although I still kept in touch.

I also became the Secretary of ENI Media.

At this point, I was totally uninterested in school. I had put so much efforts but wasn’t getting commensurate returns. Academic results became a matter of luck and I detest anything I can’t understand or control.
I had my first carry overs in this session.
Because I had developed a melancholic nature, I became more observant and studious of people. It felt like I could see everyone but no one saw me.

I went on solving as many problems as it was within my capacity, but no one took so much interest in mine. There was just this illusion in them that I could always take care of myself.

I Learned how to comfortably remain alone.

Then, I met Michael Amonieah.
He revealed God’s unconditional love to me and taught me to reveal to others. My Intelligence Quotient (IQ) shot up remarkably! He became a friend and a coach.

After some months, the most unfortunate series of events occurred and I became suicidal. The only person I could talk to was the Holy Spirit and Michael.
Eventually as I got better, I knew who the right company was for me. I made the choice to stick with them forever.

Major things I Learned in 400 LEVEL

-God’s love and mercies are endless. They preserved me.
-This realization hit me: you don’t need to do anything to be loved. If you’re in doubt, ask Jesus.
-Genuine people are scarce.
-You are your own responsibility


I call this session “My Harvest”

I opened this blog at the beginning of the session which was a huge turning point for me. It is a platform to communicate as much as possible, all that God commits to me, to His people.

I experienced and still ongoing tremendous ease of operation.
I unlearned almost everything I held dear and became like a child.
I turned down so many things I have cried for before now. I became extremely joyful and content.

I got about six job offers which I had to turn down a majority of them because I felt I wasn’t ready.

I did my project on my bed. Just lying down and typing with ease…Then, submitted few days to the deadline because I got busy. Can’t believe I still got an A. My supervisor didn’t even correct/read it.

I quit reading in class…mosquitoes cannot be disturbing me anyhow again๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. But I passed all of my exams, even the carry overs.
I had so many troubles, but nothing was capable of stealing my peace and joy.

I fell in love with Kongo towards the end of my stay. It represented peace and serenity; enabling me think and plan effectively.

And most importantly, I met some more cool people like Nate Yakong, Binga, Tosin Abolarin, Michael Audu, Tabitha, Jeremiah Idoga, Pst Rampy, Emeka, Tosin M, Halimah, Tabs, Janet…and so many others.

Oyiza and my sister became great companions too. I got to appreciate family like never before.

Also met more priceless mentors and models: Elisha Mamman, Daddy Elisha Gaiya, Jumoke Adenowo, Jakes Akande.

More things I Learned in 500 LEVEL

The Power of Perspective: whatever you focus on magnifies. Focus rightly.
The Power of Network: right people are the greatest assets you’d have, after God and your mind.


I am grateful for successful completion of my undergraduate program; but much more…for the things that have been added unto me.
It all ended in praise!