Hey everyone! Ever met certain kinds of people that were all up in your space, and you weren’t sure how to handle them?

I stumbled upon some modern etiquette, I thought would be worth sharing from BRIGHTSIDE. You could culture a healthy environment around you, and share with others too.



-Never visit without calling first. It communicates more often than not, disrespect and dishonor when you go to residences unannounced.

-Always take off your shoes before stepping into the apartment of your host.

-Don’t explore bedrooms without permission.

-Don’t open the fridge of your host, without being offered first.

-Don’t bring in pets without asking first.

-Never leave your umbrella to dry inside your host’s apartment. Fold neatly and hang to dry.

-Always bring in something for your host, when invited.

-Don’t leave a party early. If you have to leave, tell your host privately. Then leave as discreetly as possible.

-Don’t bring out make up materials from your purse, to the dining area.

-At a formal dinner, wait until the hostess unfolds the napkin on her lap before you do yours.


-Wear pants and a sweater around the house (in other words, always be properly dressed). Unexpected guests could bump in, and catch you on your underwear.

-When you have guests for the first time, show them the bathroom.

-If your guests bring in food or drinks, put them out where everyone can enjoy them.

-When a child moves to their room in your house, make it a routine to knock before entering; except it is an emergency or safety situation. This makes it easy for them to reciprocate.

-Inviting someone to a restaurant means you will pay.

-Don’t bring out your phone to check your email when out on a date.

-Don’t only refill (drinks or food) for yourself. Ask other diners if they also want a refill.


-Pay close attention to the other person’s body language. Don’t shout at anyone, as a way to getting their attention.

-There are taboos for small talks, especially when you’re unfamiliar with a person. Avoid talks on Religion, Money, Health and Politics. Talks about the weather, sports, current affairs and entertainment are more appropriate to get insight into common interests.

-Running down your mouth on those who are absent is unacceptable. Especially your spouse and relatives.

-It’s advisable to be discreet about these sets of information:
Age, wealth, Family, General Problems, Religion, Medical issues, Love affairs, Shameful pasts etc.


-Don’t touch someone else’s car stereo to change a track or song, without permission.

-Don’t smoke in someone else’s car (don’t smoke at all in my opinion).

-Only take the back seat of a car with someone you’re familiar with.

What other etiquettes do you think will be helpful? Do share with me in the comment section below!

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