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Anne picked up Mike’s call after alot of contemplations.
He cracked a few jokes, then said he noticed the distance between them. He said it was quite difficult for him to stay away but he had to, since that was what she desired.
She appreciated him and felt good about the conversation.

As the days went , the calls were frequent, but less intense. She told him about how she was getting over him and all.
He feigned interest and listened to her.
He made her feel safe, telling her how he wanted to be her friend genuinely.
Mike told her, she remained his best choice and all those other ladies didn’t know him at all the way she did.

Anne ensured everything that happened between them during this period was reported to Dave. She didn’t want to solely trust herself and instincts to handle it.
Weeks later, Mike requested she paid him a visit, as he wasn’t feeling too well. Especially since she claimed she was over him, there was nothing to worry about.

She told Dave about it, and Dave agreed she could.
When she got to Mike’s apartment, he was without clothes on the upper part of his body.
As she settled in, he struggled to put some on upon her request. He said, “But if I have no effect on you anymore, you shouldn’t be so concerned”.
Anne had learned the power of atmospheres and how Mike was trying subtly to get into her head, making her want to prove a point, and waiting to watch her fail at it.
But she had made a decision. It wasn’t going to happen that way. She insisted he did the right thing, and wore decent clothes.
He obliged her.
She was glad and decided to prepare him a meal…which he insisted he would help her to.

After the meal, he held her, and tried kissing her…again!
At that point, all she felt was shame for him, and utter disgust.
Anne saw how much influence the spirit of lust had upon him with his yielding.
She politely, but firmly warned him that if he touched her one more time, she would leave immediately.
Mike must have thought she was joking. He left her for a while…
Then resumed making advances, like he had forgotten.
At that point, Anne faced him, and said;

All actions have consequences.
Since you’ve made a choice to be bound to the hold of sin…
It’s a matter of time, before the consequences of your actions are made manifest.
I’m leaving!
Mike was stunned. He was too shocked to utter a word as he watched her leave.
That was the last time Anne saw Mike.
As for Anne, she couldn’t believe what she just did, and her coordinated response to Mike.
She didn’t know how much she had grown until she was sent back to confront her fears.
She was grateful to God for victory.
The final stage for Anne was to share her story as a tool of deliverance for anyone in similar situations.

No matter how far you’ve gone away from God, you can always return. Nothing sustains the power and ability to prevent you from experiencing God’s love.
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