There is this beautiful song my mentor, I consider refreshingly pure from God…

“…Heaven isn’t heaven without You, it’s heaven ’cause You’re there, I don’t wanna be somewhere if You’re not there”
Meditating on this beautiful piece, I realized, everything considered valuable is actually because God ascribed value to it; or He is associated with it.
Heaven is only but a reflection of God. It remains glorious because God is in it. Same goes for man and the earth.
But man, is my focus.
God made man in His image; with the same ability to give value to anything associated with him.
Let me break it down.
Apostle Joshua Selman says, “the reason why demons are concerned about man is because God has his eyes on man”.

The moment God’s attention shifts to anything/anyone else, the attention on man would be taken away.
There is a prophetic implication of the presence of all men in the earth. Every man carries an atmosphere of possibilities (good or bad).
Personally for me, when God wants to take me to a new level in any wise, I get to mingle with new sets of people, or same people who are discerning enough to unlock these new realities.
No man was made inferior to another.

But not every man has discerned his unique contribution on the earth.
Success is only the journey taken onto self discovery. You are rewarded to the extent you discover, maximize and deploy your potentials.
So back to our journey…
Since man is only valuable because God is mindful of him; the same thing applies. Everything man becomes mindful of in the earth in turn, becomes valuable.
Money is paper. It derives its valuable because man proclaims it to be so. The moment man decides to devalue certain currencies, it immediately loses its value.
Take a quick analysis: everything in the world considered important has the attention of men on it.
When this hit me, I realized unlimited wealth is not resident in things, or places; but in the personality that possess the ability to pronounce value upon these things.
If you produce anything that has the ability to appeal to a large number of people, you command untold attention and compel wealth.
Men! Men!! Men!!! That’s where your wealth resides.

You are considered wealthy according to Scripture to the degree you have access to multitudes of men; because access to these men, gives access to their resources.
Business for me, is the ability to create an avenue and a platform for men to deploy and unleash their value in time, energy and resources.
People are your business and this is why my business is centered around images and brands coming out of obscurity.
My name is Grace Christos; and I am a Publicist.