All your days on earth are numbered.

The Bible

It’s been 6 years since I decided to take my life seriously and more intentionally. For the first three years, I chewed any and everything I could lay my hands on…

My appetite for knowledge was voracious. I had suffered the consequences of a lack of knowledge, and I wasn’t going to repeat that mistake again.

Three years later, I took an inventory of my life and realized I couldn’t find my voice. My thoughts weren’t mine.

As good as studying wide had been, I had consumed different materials and adopted whatever ideology I felt was superior to what I held before. So my life was a product of different voices and ideologies.

I know certain people are facing similar challenges right now… consuming different contents in audio tapes, videos, written books and messages, trying to find their paths through life. This season always seems like a rollercoaster ride.

But it could be managed! Let me walk you through.

Do you believe that everyone (who lived, lives and will live) is distinct, placed with different choices to make, different interest, different line of pursuits and purpose?

You could be subjected to similar trainings, environment and circumstance as another person, but the interpretation differs.

Everyone on earth has distinctive features.

For the last three years of my life, I eventually realized the mistakes I had made. I had both forgotten how to think and how possible it was to think my own thoughts.

The materials I had gotten acquainted with, did an amazing job in giving me what to think about. For example, you have questions on a relationship issue and you read a book on it.

You suddenly become in the author’s world, and see from the author’s perspective, the solution to your problem. You ponder based on the information you’ve received, and your perception gets altered.

But what happens if it doesn’t work for you? Do you remain at the mercy of the next person or book or tape you get to listen to? Do you keep consuming any and everything with the hope that someday a breakthrough occurs?

This is what introduces the rollercoaster ride. How do you break free?


All inventions, discoveries, wisdom released, stretched beyond the “norm” and believed there was more than which was told to the pioneers. They rode on the wings of mentors, fathers, pace setters not as copy cats, but as tour guides.

No one can teach you exactly, how to live. They only can guide you on how the path of life works, then it mandates you to charter your own course with your decisions. This is majorly because our lives are largely distinct, one from another.

Seek to know how to think, not just what to think.

So in finding yourself, I decided to help guide you with the following questions. Self discovery is a personal journey that demands your full participation.

In these questions lie answers to the entire scope of your assignment on earth, and pursuit. Let’s do some soul searching together.


  • What would be written as my epitaph when I leave the earth?

When a man dies, everyone comes to say general praiseworthy words of him.

You’ve discovered purpose when it becomes glaring to everyone, including children, what you stand for.

However, the more concise, specific and exact words used to describe a dead man signifies how much clarity of vision he achieved, while alive.

This question helps you project towards the end of your life, where very little matters. Write your answer in a very concise and specific manner.

  • What problem can I help you solve, no one else can?

Most times, this is the hardest of all questions. It is only applicable when you’ve attempted providing services and value to the people around you.

To find purpose, you must be willing to serve people. That’s the only way you can accurately provide the answer to this question.

  • How do I improve the quality of the lives of the people around me daily?

Similar to the previous question, this also makes you take an inventory of your life and results.

How many times in a day do you receive a “thank you” from people? What do people thank you especially for/about? Find these out, and you unlock the key!

  • What does my presence always remind you of?

What are you missed for? When you go into a room, are you noticed? If yes, it indicates your purpose is tied to the spotlight.

If no, and you probably love behind-the-scene works, it indicates you would move mountains without being necessarily at the forefront.

Occasionally, when you get the “I miss you” thingy, you could ask, “what about me do you miss?” Take note of the answers you get.

  • If I had the attention of the world for 30 seconds, what would I say?

Yes! 30seconds only. With this limited time, you will likely blurt out only things that you’ve meditated upon consistently.

  • If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with my time?

Most times, a 90% of our activities are centered around improving the quality of our lives. This can be chiefly achieved with Money.

So it is safe to assume that 70% or more of the activities you currently engage in, is to get you more money.

What then do you do when you get all the money you need? Purpose is what you do when your needs are met.

  • If I had just one more week to live, what would I during that time?

The first time I was asked this, I responded, “I’d engage in mass evangelism” lol. This hasn’t changed one bit. My passion for sharing truths and value drives me consistently.

If I had limited time on earth, my goal would be to reach the highest number of people possible, sharing with them the message that works!

What would you do with yours?

  • If I became the president, what’s the first sector I’d focus on to develop?

For me it’s simple. Education. Everything rises and falls on account of knowledge. This might not be 100% accurate, but it’s how I see it.

What do you consider to be mankind’s greatest problem? The fixer (you) is on the way!

  • What am I willing to live and die for?

If I knew I’d die soon, I would find a young, teachable person and pour out all I know and believe, into that person. This will ensure continuity.

Your message is bigger than you. It transcends your existence. This question provokes you to think and place your vision upon the current needs of the world. It compels passion and inspires a quest to see the world as it ought to be, not just as it is.

Your assignment would be to ensure others see it too, and bring it to pass whether or not you’re there. That’s the strength of vision.

  • Define Nigeria (or your country for non-Nigerians)

In defining a thing, your choice of words largely depends on your perception. Everyone sees and thinks differently.

And what you are exposed to, defines how you perceive things, then proceed to deal with issues and proffer solutions.

Whenever you’re in any argument, pay attention to your points of view. How do you think and process things? Are you critical? Are you non chalant? Are you sympathetic? Are you blunt? With this question, you discover your dominant thought pattern and perceptions.

Realize that Self discovery is a journey. And it is a personal one. Until you know who you are, you would never know what you should do.

What other questions propelled you into discovering yourself? Let’s meet in the comments section below. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Write to you soon.