I almost always didn’t like to write. I didn’t even believe I could write. Speaking was always easier, and more charismatic for me…or so I thought.
Until I saw this Scripture.

Colossians 2:14 KJV
Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;
My writings have a voice!
And this voice was such that it could either speak for, or against me.
Much more, there’s already something written about everyone of us on earth. Your success is predicated upon your ability to discover, and fulfill that which has been written concerning you.

Writing is never just physical. This is because words are not inspired this earth realm. They also are not created from here, and its effects transcend beyond this realm.
Your writings are your first witness.
The first time I decided to deliberately write was in 2013.
Ahmadu Bello University had embarked on a 6 months strike that mandated my returning home.
This was the first time I would be in Lagos, after my Salvation experience.
I missed the Christian Community (Koinonia) I had become a part of. But determinedly, I ensured I followed services online.
I had to learn the art of solitude, as I was the only one home at the time. I decided to make every moment of my stay count at home; taking away the feeling of victimization because of my inability to attend church or fellowship with God’s people.
I decided to write letters to God.

Everyday, I would recount my experiences to Him; telling Him how each event made me feel, and asking questions that only Him could answer.
For every word in each letter I wrote, I completely poured out myself and had my first encounter with the Word becoming flesh.
I discovered that my life was an extension of God’s creation; which implicated upon me the ability to create. All my words were my creative ability, as I picked them up from my imaginations.

For everything I wrote, I made my first step into commitment. I nurtured my writings until I saw them manifest into real events.
My writings are pathways.
Luke 4:17, 21 KJV
And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, [21] And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.
God has a purpose and plan for all men. It’s your role to find it and fulfill it.
As you document your processes and ideologies, you get the opportunity to review your progress in relation to that which you’ve found in Scripture concerning you.

You get to a point where none of your words (written or spoken) become accidental.
Your writings are meant to be an insight prophetically into Scripture. They should reveal God to you, and His people.
As I continued writing, first to bless myself, then for others (believers and unbelievers), they took a new turn.

My preparations before I wrote became different.
There’s been a lot of sources for inspiration for many writers.
This isn’t an attempt to stereotype how inspiration for writing comes; but to reveal how I’ve sustainably become a writer, in a bid to motivate you to discover yours.

I hardly choose what to write on. They become revealed as I meditate on God.
It could be pictures, books, quotes, my Bible, a song…anything about Him. As I study, I become stayed on a particular thing an impression of God’s Spirit upon my spirit.
It always feels like as I take out time to express my worship to God, I catch a glimpse of His heart, and how He wants it revealed.
At that point of synchronization, His desires entirely becomes mine. I write as I see Him react.

I stay long enough with Him to catch pictures of what He is inspiring me to write about. Sometimes, these pictures are my life’s experiences, flashing , at my face.
This can be said to be prayers too. I converse with the Spirit of God to verify and effectively articulate my writings.

Communing with Him via words enables me to also know His timing. Sometimes, I feel held back…and most times, this happens because the target audience have not been maximally reached or prepared for the message yet.
So, of course! I make mistakes. Then, learn from them.
Communing releases a measure of strength and faith unto me. My convictions are strengthened, and are not dependent on external validations.
This is why people’s reactions have never been my utmost source and inspiration for my consistent writing. However, there are great sources of encouragement.
Communing with God gives direction. Sometimes, I’m led to make conversations with specific people on proposed topics I’m about to write on, for greater insights. Especially in aspects where I’ve not gained sufficient mastery on.
Writing introduced a measure of Intercessory prayers into me.
Like a farmer cares for his plants and animals; a unique, strong bond has been formed in me for my audience (known and unknown).
I find myself most times interceding for them. It could be for the penetration of the Word, for greater understanding, for hunger for revival, for a measure of dissatisfaction of their present state…amongst many other things.
Truth be told, my life sometimes scare me. Not because it is super amazing necessarily… But because of how much of a tool I can see it become.
Never knew how much writing could mystify. I believe there are so many writers like me; unfolding these realities.
You are at a point where your writings usher in new moves and dimensions of the Spirit. Where your scrolls will be sought out after for the direction of God, and current emphasis of God.
At that point, every meeting you go to becomes a confirmation of your writing.
People might not seek you immediately…

Actually, you might remain in obscurity for a while; until your accuracy becomes unusually notable.
Noble men and kings will be forced to reckon with the alignment your writing brings, and solutions it proffer. This is a pathway your writing will reveal.
By the way, I believe this isn’t for a selected few. Your desire to represent God in all entirety is your edge in unlocking this dimension of God.
Don’t get carried away what people define progress as.

Progress is not popularity. Progress is measured your accuracy with God’s truth.
It pays to wait in God…
So well, this is my journey as a Prophetic Writer!
Thank you for reading through.