Matthew 2:4 KJV
And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born.
Three meanings were connected with the root word of Scribe in Hebrew, Sopherim; to mean:
-To write (out the law)
-To set in order (classify and arrange the precepts of God)
-To count (to identify every word and letter, no matter how minute).

Scribes were considered part of the Royal court in Ancient times. They were not conscripted into the army, did not pay taxes and were exempted from heavy labor required of the lower class.
The scribal profession involved working with painters and artisans who decorated reliefs and other buildings with scenes, personages and hieroglyphic text.
Scribes had to carefully cut streets of parchment, make the ink, write the script, bind the pages, and create a cover to protect the script.

These were accomplished in a monastic writing room called a scriptorium which was kept very quiet so scribes could maintain concentration.
In Ancient times, the primary purpose of scribes was to promote the ideas of the Christian Church, so they mostly wrote religious and classical works, in diverse languages.

They held important offices in the public affairs of the nation. They acted as secretaries of the state whose business was to prepare and issue decrees in the name of the King.

The office of a Scribe is so delicate that it helps to convey the patterns and principles of God.
It seemed like nothing important would happen on earth without the knowledge of God’s prophets and the scribes.
As Moses was asked to record the instructions of God that formed the basis of the law, millions of people were largely dependent on his meticulous obedience to that instruction for life’s guidance.
The importance of history is that it records the past and gives the opportunity to envision the future.
Scribes were relevant because of the prophetic nature of their writings. The consistency in being able to document the distinct moves of God poses as a map to peep into futuristic events, and interpret them.

A major reason why we seem lost in present moves of God is because of an inaccurate presentation of God’s dealings with man over time.
There has to be a measure of intention and deliberation exerted when you desire to communicate and compel a change.
Writers have to realize that writing is beyond a gift or skill. It has consequences. Any form of misrepresentation or inaccuracy has adverse effects on people.
Our response and actions to life are based on a mindset built over time as a result of the words, teachings and writings presented to us.

Highly sensitize every information you believe is worthy to be passed across because its effects are transgenerational.
In summary, we should permit the future generation to look upon our works and see an accurate representation of God; because, contrary to public opinion, the ministry of Scribes remains.
More than ever before, we will rejoice that everyone has total understanding of his place in God’s agenda and synergizes his work to complete the big picture.