My name is Nyonbinga Shimbura, popularly called Binga.
I am from Donga Local Government in Taraba state. I’m the 2nd of 10 children.
I am a songwriter, musician, guitar freak, poet and a content developer. I’m a sold out lover of God, and strong believer in Jesus Christ.

Growing up was pretty fun. We were allowed to express ourselves as children, and were exposed to new ideas.
My formative years began when my parents were posted to Holland (Netherlands), to serve in the embassy.

I was greatly shaped exposure to different cultures, and technological advancement. I remember one time, being greatly intrigued at a space mission to Mars in the early 90’s.
My parents were part of an African Choir in Holland, and rehearsed together. I grew up with a lot of music at home. I was also put in a children’s choir, where the realization that I could sing hit me.
I wasn’t a confident speaker, so I spent a lot of time fantasizing. I would usually pen down my thoughts in stories, or on a lyrical journey that eventually birthed my writing experience.

My mind was the safest place for me. Always.
My first breakthrough was in Secondary School. I had been dealing with inferiority complex, so I couldn’t get myself to joining a choir.
After a lot of persuasion, I eventually did. One day, I decided to sing with some friends during one of our Chapel services, and that was when my voice was heard.
The change was remarkable, as I became a star overnight. The ladies began to smile at me, and everyone was talking about me. It is an unforgettable experience.
It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Returning to Nigeria jolted me to reality, as we were put in a stringent routine of school lessons with little time to do other things.
This marked the beginning of most of my conflicts in life.
One thing I can attest to in life is the fact that I make mistakes, and often too.
I didn’t get the opportunity to spend time with my family in Nigeria; so I had to learn to solve problems on my own.
A major unguided mistake I made was abandoning school for a moment of time, in Ahmadu Bello University.
I refused to open up to anyone about my academic challenges; trying to resolve it on my own, which ended up badly for me.
I basically sidelined school, and passionately pursued Music. I could carry my guitar to class and spend many hours, rehearsing.
Not confiding in people because of shame led me to lie about a lot of things, until the truth painfully was out and I got pulled out of school in a dramatic form, after 5 years.
I lost contact with the family I had in Zaria…

My dignity and musical dreams were temporarily shattered. My relationship with my parents also got estranged. I ended up spending 12 years to get through the University for a degree.
Three years ago, I went for a Music Festival (Feast of Incense), organized Ancient Floodgates Ministry, led Apostle Daps Gwom.

My goals for that meeting was to enjoy a great time of worship…but God had other plans, unknown to me.
Soon, I got to find out they needed a guitarist for the meeting. After a lengthy persuasive conversation, I agreed to play. It was awesome, as people were blessed.
But the main gist is this: Bob Fitts, a legend in the Gospel Music circle was at the meeting.

When it was time for him to minister, I made my way to leave, but was stopped.
Though I hadn’t rehearsed with his team, I was encouraged to play alongside.
This was how I got to play for him all the days of the feast. And on the last day, he looked at me, and said; “You’re an amazing guitarist”.

Wow! I felt like falling to the floor. That moment was priceless.
With over 500 songs written, I have consistently written songs for 18 years.
But the breakthrough I desired began in 2017, into 2018. People started singing my songs and I started recording awesome testimonies! It’s such an exhilarating feeling.
Success is defined, not necessarily the things you achieve, but what others are able to achieve as a result of your life. Our success must transcend beyond now, to affect our unborn generation.
Success begins with a desire, and then, a decision to excel at whatever you do. Going after requisite knowledge on your goal of success is also very important.
Desire is good, but direction gives you purpose and a yardstick for evaluating progress. It reveals how much grounds you’ve covered, and how much is left.
Then, Commitment is vital. Being committed entails subjecting yourself to practices that improve you in a consistent basis. Time is the only trade for mastery.
As you commit to gaining mastery, find a mentor. Mentorship done in the right way, allows you to glide through the experiences of others. You learn from their mistakes; there reducing the chances of you falling into similar loopholes.
I have been influenced quite a lot of people in my life.
Musically, I was majorly influenced Michael Jackson and Kirk Franklin. They defined a big reality, especially in my concept of music.

On the Guitar, I have had major influences like Jonathan Butler,

Todd Pritchard, Andy McKee and a host of others.
Apostle Joshua Selman
My greatest influence is Apostle Joshua Selman.

I met him in 2006, but connected with him a year later. I got born again his ministry, and he redefined my perspective about life.
The mystery behind me playing the guitar was birthed him, and my total pursuit in life found direction in him.

He took me under him, trained me, and gave me platforms to grow. All through my life’s challenges, he was there with me.

My passion for the Kingdom of God burns because of the perspective of God, he presented to me. God smiled on me literally, when our paths crossed.
Mentorship reduces the struggle of achievement through partnership.
Finally, go for it! So many people spend a lot of time living in the fa├žade of preparation, or waiting for the right moment, and they never get to really do anything. You become better exercising what you’ve learned.
Failure is an event, and it’s never final. It could be a blessing, if properly defined.
My dream is to be a world renowned songwriter. I will write songs for movies, organizational themes and festivals.

I will have a world class Music Institute that would beat the standards of Berklee College of Music, right here in Africa. And I’m getting closer to that reality with each passing day.
I also share a passion for bringing out the best in people; discovering and developing gifts in people.
At the moment, I am working on releasing my songs and sharing them on a global scale; at the end of the year.

I have a music crew; Soul Essence in Bauchi state, with over 30 groomed music members, influencing culture with Music.

-Never give up on your dreams; they were personally communicated to you for a reason. Challenges are a constant feature on a journey to greatness.

-Hold on to God with your life; He will give you the conviction and satisfaction you’d need on your journey.
-Good friends are a valuable asset. They are God’s gift to you.

-Ensure you live a life of honor, humility and love. Their benefits are zenith reaching.
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