My name is Michael Audu Tsado, born and bred in Minna, Niger State (Nupe), although I can’t speak the language unfortunately.

I’m a Christian, the church-church type. I also think I’m fun-loving (it depends on what you call fun).
My passions are typically Entrepreneurship, high performance and facing challenges. They excite me! If you take away challenge or reward from anything I do, you’ve technically finished me! So necessity drives my actions.
I’m hardly a person with favorites, I just prefer the most efficient solution from a given set of options… hehehe… that sounds technical right? But that’s my typical thought process.
Hobbies include playing my guitar, chilling out with bae (what a hob!), watching Penguins of Madagascar (my weak point), surfing the internet studying people and places, and that’s about it!
During my early life, I was considered a NERD! I was this dude who invented (or reinvented) many things. I remember creating a pinhole camera… In fact, as at primary six, I had completely read all the physics and chemistry textbooks available in my house then. Hehehehe…
I remember sometime in 2002 or so, I had my plans on how to make a machine that would help me send messages to a friend’s house near, with wires and all the configurations. It’s just crazy… I’m so smiling writing this you know!

Other inventions included, a portable TV or more-or-less projector with paper film (sick!), a natural air-conditioner made from mud and electric motor; several cars, a bird plane (reinventing the Wright Brother’s idea in modern times), and so many more.
My younger brother, Abraham was the apprentice! Hehehehe.

He had his fair share of inventions and he hasn’t stopped yet.

These experiences, as funny as they are, made me believe that I could actually do anything I wanted! I failed over and over, until I got used to failing as part of the process. In my teenage years, I spent hours on the bed imagining my future life.
I saw myself on the top of a high mountain as a business leader working with thousands of people. This was me daydreaming, I still have fuzzy images of those dreams.

Academic excellence was never an issue. I had already read the entire physics and chemistry textbook of my elder ones, so when I was taught, I already knew what they were saying.
I wasn’t necessarily the best at a thing, but across board, I always end up overall best. I think this was a pointer to my ability to manage multiple things and not overshoot the love for one over another.
All these experiences made me know I was born to lead, to create, to win, to be successful, and to thrive.
Having gained confidence early in life, I thought my entire life was in order, until I discovered I was reliving the life of people who did not necessarily make the impact I wanted.
My journey to self-discovery unfortunately started rather late some time in 2012-13. I was in my third year, studying Architecture.
It was at that time I began to question the reason why I was doing the things I was doing. That was about the time I began to intentionally read and study in order to make a difference.
I kept on asking personal questions, and kept on aspiring to have a kind of life I still couldn’t describe. I am not from a “rich” family, though we’re very well to do… comfortable but no luxury.

But I began asking for more than I ever had. My question still is, why can’t I have that amazing life I read about in other successful people? It soon turned out that my quest kept pushing me towards entrepreneurship.
And that was how one day in 2016, Jakes Hinjari, a dear friend said to me:

Mike, have you considered meeting Sir Ejimi? That’s how I attended a session organized Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye, The Millionaire Lunch Hour. In fact, I paid for the session even when I was told I was late and may be refunded, I just said I must try… and that was it.

I soon paid for the next session which involved gaining clarity, defining what you want and how to go about getting it. I was unlocked. Funnily enough, this was when my journey to self-discovery truly began. The parts kept coming together, and I began to consolidate on the fact that I was born to lead, lead myself and serve my ability to the world; replicating myself in people to bring the best out of them.
Success is an area with several ideas. My philosophy of success is still formative, however, for me, success is for me to live accomplishing the divine assignment God wired me for, and being a blessing to humanity.
My full philosophy on success is gathered in a compilation I wrote in 2016, 100 Pages of Scrap on Success.
I believe I’m successful to the degree I help people enjoy the feelings and tangible effect of success in their own lives. I also strongly believe that your life unfolds to you at the rate of your decision and actions. You can’t beat a man that doesn’t stop. If you learn from failure and keep moving, failure gives up on you.
Tomorrow is a myth, today is all we have, so make do with today and make the best of today. Indeed as Mike Murdock teaches, champions do daily what losers do occasionally.
On this, I believe gaining clarity in life is a lifelong process that unfolds. There are certain things that we’ve not encountered, and decisions we’re yet to make that will pose us with a different view of life.
However, to clarify purpose, you’ll need to take action in the direction of the last level of clarity you had.
Inaction and thinking will never work in gaining clarity. Engage what you know. Ask questions more from better qualified people.
I believe, God is the ultimate purpose giver, but it is in our hands to search it out through fellowship. Anything you call your purpose that doesn’t take you back to God to help you achieve it is not your purpose.
The whole concept of purpose pulls you back to fellowship with God to become effective. One way to know it’s not your purpose is if what you do consistently takes you away or reduces your need for God.
I also believe that to a large extent, the entirety of your purpose is to replicate yourself, your ideal self in Christ, to as many people. Serving that renewed unique you to the church and humanity in general.
Multiplication of success will require two things; the first is leadership, the capacity to influence and cause people to take an action or change behavior.
The second is leverage, the capacity to use platforms and systems to amplify and sustain results without one’s direct or continuous engagement. High sounding words, but the idea is simple… you need to lead with the aim of making leaders as well.
You also need to build platforms and systems that can sustain the production of your kind of result in your absence. If anyone achieves this, their success will continuously be multiplied and enjoyed many.
The 21st century comes with its own twist of challenges. In humanity’s quest to solve a problem, a new kind of problem is often created which is not soon discovered.
Now more than ever, Leadership, specifically Personal Leadership, is the key to any form of progress or success. The standard required to excel today have been forcefully raised high due to the moral/ethical decadence that has swept through the civilization.
If you really and truly desire to be and live a life of meaning and purpose today, then leadership should be your first point of in-depth study.
Understanding leadership will inculcate the right amount of discipline, courage, tenacity, resilience and passion required to be a success any standard. In today’s world, as John Maxwell will say, everything rises and falls on Leadership.
Hehehehe… words cannot capture. Long term, I’m this dude who loves to drive people to get what they want and live! That’s not changing. I love entrepreneurship.
Management and Administration does make me feel like an ideal human. So in the long term, I look forward to being on the board/advisory of at least ten very successful global companies, surely in the centimillion dollar revenue category and above.
Leveraging all my experiences combined, I’ll run a venture capital fund and business consulting outfit providing the opportunity for hundreds of other businesses to rise.
Currently, I’m on track to building myself and my skill, learning and deploying every day.
I currently run a community called the High Performers Network, a movement driving people to get what they want and live fully.

The idea of the community is to congregate people who believe they can achieve big, audacious, notable and game-changing goals and show them a definite pathway and thought process to attaining that height.
I also currently co-own and co-manage two startups: Samville Gourmet Foods and The Deliberate Music & Entertainment Company. I work with a company Fullmark Urja Ltd, a Kano based company as the company Architect.
And on regular days, I do work with random entrepreneurs to increase their performance (increased meaningful action and profit).
Thank you Gracie for an opportunity to share all these.

I must confess that in sharing all of this, I had reasons to reminisce some experiences which brought joy and gratefulness. I think everyone should take out time once in a while to do a full throwback on life!
I also want to encourage as many that will read this to follow their dream!

Find your place, stay there and make it work. Greener pastures is a mirage, when you get there, you’ll see the real price you were running from.
Finally, be your first follower, lead yourself, then serve other; you’ll find real fulfillment. God bless Cheers.
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