I am Akubo Ojone, popularly called OJay.

I am from Dekina Local Government in Kogi state. I’m the third of six children and the first girl of the house.

I am a Business Entrepreneur, Baker, Violinist, and a would be Philantropist.

Oh, my love for baking!

I’m passionate about cake designing and I derive absolute joy packaging beautiful hampers and gifts.


My early life was rather quiet and some what boring because I had two elder brothers who insisted I behave like a lady that I was; you know, they wouldn’t let me hangout nor play football with them boys and at that time I didn’t have a sister and we were not allowed to go play with other kids most of the times.

I must confess; it wasn’t such an easy time for me. My most dreaded moments were those long vacations until I discovered it was OK to demand my own attention. And yes!! It’s okay to spend time with my personhood.
That was a major turning point in my life. We had this banana tree in our compound then, where I had my little chair and other gadgets (empty milk tins, small plates,rubber dolls, small stones of varying sizes and smoothness (hehehehe I was an archaeologist then).
I would sit there all day playing (this was when I discovered I was good with my hands), daydreaming, talking to myself and singing. It was really fun.
With time, I got to even have my crew of play mates. There were days I would sneak out just to go and play. It was becoming so much fun until time and age exited me out of that phase.
In high school, there was no more time to play only. We were compounded with assignments, tests and exams. Then in JSS 3, while most of my friends picked up Business Studies as electives, I chose Home Economics.
I saw how attached I got to flour and my excitement every time we were asked to bake.

I remember trying what I was taught at home; many times it didn’t turn out well. My cakes sank in the middle and came out really hard. I wasn’t happy about the outcome, but I didn’t stop.
My advantage was, I learned early enough that I was good with my hands. Those early days under my banana tree were my discovery days. I engaged my mind and created things with my hands. That was how I knew the right elective for me was Home economics, this is how I know that my assignment would necessarily require my mind and my hands.

While Hobbies are simply that activity you enjoy doing in your leisure time for relaxation and it focuses on you and most times blesses you and probably few others. Purpose is the reason why a thing was created and it goes beyond you to generations. Hobbies most times, should be a tool to discovering purpose.


Personally for me, wealth is a mandate.

It is a part of my life’s assignment, and I take it as such not just because of my encounters but also because of my personal revelation of this Scripture.

God’s agenda is capital intensive.

Wealth is first a mindset

By and large, wealth is first a mindset. With a wealthy mindset, your life would be too in a matter of time.
A wealthy mindset is a mindset that sees possibilities, thinks positivity and takes responsibility. A thinking that sees challenges as stepping stones.

Wealth is an Anointing

Getting Wealth is also an anointing (the power to get wealth). It can come upon you and what you do, causing your life to turn around.


Money leaves you when you buy but comes to you when you sell (Sir Ejimi Adegbeye).

So you see already that if you keep buying and never sell anything, you’ll soon be poor.
Learn to sell.
The role of sales in wealth can not be overemphasized at all.
What should you actually be selling?
Overtime, I’ve learnt not to just sell my PRODUCTS but to sell my VALUE (my skills, abilities and competencies).
For instance here is what I mean. At Dainty cakes, we don’t just sell cakes /pastries and hampers, we sell an experience which comes in form of pleasant surprises, convenience and zest.

The higher the actual or perceived value of what you sell, the more your wealth grows.


First of all, there is a Spirit responsible for creativity in everything, INVOKE.
Secondly, engage your mind in meditative thinking. In cases of sales, pay attention to your clients and their needs. Personally, I not only observe situations around but I also take a ride into my client’s minds and think with and for them. You’ll draw a lot of inspiration when you pay attention to even very little things.

Also, be proactive. Get to a point where you suggest things that your clients don’t even know they need… then, show them why they need it.
Register your presence in their subconscious such that anytime they think of that value, they’ll first think of you. Also, don’t forget to add pictures, because of the power of imagination. We think in pictures.


Mentors! They are very important. They shorten your route. Do you know you could be guided not to make some mistakes they made?
Experience they say is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your own personal experience. You could learn from someone elses’
They’ve been through the same journey; their knowledge and advice would go a long way in helping you arrive your destination.

I’m a product of good mentorship (Special appreciation to Mrs Anthony and Mrs Hope Ejimi).

If you want to rise, then follow them who through faith and patience have obtained the promise…


If I were 10 years younger, I’d have started my process of mental and personal development more deliberately.
I also would have chosen a different course of study in the University.


The problem you solve determines your reward (Apostle Joshua Selman).

You’re either solving a problem or creating one.
Become a master problem solver and you’ll be wealthy.


Thank you so much for having me here, I enjoyed my session.

You’re doing an amazing work; more grace and inspiration for you.
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