My name is Israel Rampyal Kparwang, popularly called Pastor Rampy.

I’m from Plateau state, Lantang North Local Government, and I’m Taroh(k) tribe.


I was born on 1st May, 1989,/at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), to the family of Timmap (late) and Mrs Mary Kparwang.

I’m the first born of 5 children. My siblings are; Deiya, Nimyen, Nandar and Nantim.

I had my Primary School Learning Certificate from ABU Staff School, BZ Annex in 2000; and my Senior School Certificate from Demonstration Secondary School, ABU Zaria in 2007.

I had always desired to study Medicine as a young child. But all that changed when I noticed my inability to comprehend Chemistry, and my indifference about Biology.
I also noticed my high perception about lines and symmetry. I was good in Fine Arts and Technical Drawing; so I ended up studying Building I’m ABU; U07 set.

After which I served in Lafia, Nassarawa state in 2013.
I grew up in New Extension, Samaru Zaria. Anyone who is familiar with that environment would know that it is dominated Hausa people. So my primary means of communication naturally became Hausa language.
I couldn’t read in English, neither could I speak the language fluently, till I was about 10 years old. All thanks to our morning devotions.
My father would always insist that everyone of us reads at least one verse of the Bible everyday. No matter how hard we struggled with a word, he would patiently wait till we figured it out.


I got born again sometime in 2005. It was at a Sendforth Program organised my secondary school. I came there without any intention of experiencing anything spiritual.
Quite frankly, the concept of God was just a religious idea to me.
Just like yesterday, I vividly remember that day. I sat down at back of the hall when I heard the moderator call up the Preacher. I was surprised to discover it was my French teacher.
I was expecting to hear the same kind of sermons I always heard from my family church. But a few minutes into his message, I noticed something different. All of a sudden, I focused all my attention on the preacher that I lost consciousness of my environment.
I still don’t remember what be preaches, but my heart burned at every word he said.
When he made an altar call, my heart sank in fear because I knew that I had to make that decision. But before my rational mind could comprehend what was happening, I found myself in front of the pulpit along with many other people.
We were all led out of the main auditorium and prayer was said over us. After that, we were instructed to return to school and meet with one of our English teachers.
The next morning, I went to the office and guess what? I was the only one who turned up. I felt disappointed and almost regretted why I came back for follow up. But my teacher said one thing that changed my life forever; “Rampyal, God doesn’t need too many people to do great things. He just needs at least one man who can agree with Him”.
Those words sank deep down my heart, but mentally, I wasn’t sure God was going to use someone like me.


Interestingly, I never had any pointers to ministry as it were. Or I probably did, but never discerned it.
To begin with, I never envisioned myself as someone who could ever have the calling of God upon his life…no way! I was just too wayward and whimsical about life to ever see that coming.
But it happened anyways.
Looking back now, I can see certain character traits that could serve as pointers:
-I had a profound compassion for sick people, and the needy too. It always broke my heart when I saw such persons in neighborhood, especially when I didn’t have the means to reach out.
-I noticed that being around people always energised me.

Although, I didn’t have the charisma, I always had a way of dominating a conversation among my friends, with my loud voice and overbearing drama. It always felt satisfying.
-I had a curious desire to learn, and simultaneously I had the drive to teach too.

It always hit me hard when I hear my peers discussing about a thing I have no idea about. And I ensured it never happened twice.


I was ordained a Pastor in Rhema Chapel International Churches, Zaria on the 23rd of August 2009. I was 20 years old then, with no experience of ever handling any leadership position.
There was no training, and as such I wasn’t prepared for what was ahead of me.
That same year, I lost my dad on the 16th of November. It was a notable heat for em, because I had to find myself in two strategic leadership positions that I wasn’t ready for; both in church and my household.
It was a very tough season for me and my family, because my Dad was actually the breadwinner. It took the wisdom of God for us to surmount certain challenges, especially finances.
About my inner struggles, I was a very insecure person. I never has confidence in myself. I grew up not hearing words of affirmation nor encouragements, especially from the ones I ought to hear it from.
This inner struggle forced me to be in a position where I always sought for people’s approval, and I desperately wanted to please others. It didn’t take me too long, as an ordained pastor to know that it was an impossible mission.
Secondly, I struggled with Guilt and condemnation for a very long time. This is because, in my childhood, I got exposed to a pornographic video. There were no immediate effect then, but as I grew up, my sexual desires began to tingle.
As I was experiencing the transition from puberty to adulthood, the desired intensified. Then, I got addicted to pornography.
When I got born again, I thought the addiction would break automatically, but no, it never happened.
When I was ordained a pastor, I thought the addiction would stop, but yet again, it never did. Then I began to learn how to call upon the Name of the Lord and ask for His help.

That’s when God began to walk me through it. The first thing He told me was “…the power of sin is secrecy!”
I had to expose this addiction. Then gradually, He began to make me see that the addiction didn’t have the capacity to stop Him from loving me. I broke down in tears, as I couldn’t comprehend how God could still embrace me in my filth.
Another thing He taught me was, the addiction was the fruit. I needed to deal with the root. It surprised me to discover that depression was a major trigger. God taught me, amongst many other things that it wasn’t the gadgets at hand, but the mindsets I had.
Gradually, the chains of sexual addiction broke off. There were days I fell back into the act, but I quickly recovered because it was no longer an addiction. Today, I’m totally delivered!


God’s love is incomprehensible, yet so tangible. His love is the embodiment of His character. It is who He is, and why He exists. Everything He does is predicated upon His love.
I wasn’t searching for Him, yet His love found me. If God’s love was conditional, I would never be able to keep up with His standards. This is why gratitude always fills my heart (even as I write this) whenever I ponder on His love.


Self confidence is the belief in one’s ability. The greatest way to access self confidence is to have faith in the ability of the One who created you.
You can’t truly be confident in yourself, unless that confidence is coming from that which is greater than you.
As long as we keep fixing our gaze on ourselves, we would keep seeing our frailties and inadequacies, and the consequence is lack of self confidence. But when we yield ourselves to God, His excellence will manifest through us.

We will literally becoming living wonders!


Pastor Yusuf T. Whyte

He was my first pastor. It was under his pastoral grace I got ordained. I overcame certain limitations because he believed in me.

I grew in grace and discovered my unique Anointing because he guided me through and through. My life took a major course ever since our paths crossed. I’m eternally grateful to him.

Apostle Joshua Selman

I met AJS in 2010 in one of our meetings in Rhema Chapel.

When he mounted the pulpit and lifted up his voice to sing, the entire atmosphere changed! It felt like we were somewhere else, even though we were physically in the same place.

But beyond his teachings, my personal encounters with him has always been life transforming.
Apostle Kolawole Obaseye
I met Pst. Kay in 2010 at an annual retreat on campus. My encounter with him was the first time I felt the tangible effect of the Anointing upon my body.

When he laid his hands on me, it felt like 300volts of electricity went through my hands.
From that day till date, a desire for the manifestation of the glory of God in my life came upon me.

Apostle Jemimah Mbaya

This is my prelate, my senior pastor and spiritual cover. She’s one of the most phenomenal women I’ve ever met.

Her understanding of Kingdom financial principles in priceless. She’s such a woman who has a selfless heart towards God’s people. I earnestly covet the grace of God operating upon her life.


We serve a mighty God! There’s nothing too hard for Him to do. Most importantly, God is not withholding Himself; neither is He keeping away anything from us.
If you’re not born again and you’re reading this, I believe it’s God wanting to reach out to you like He did to me. Give Him the benefit of doubt and surrender your life to Him today. It will amaze you what He’d make out of it.


I’m grateful to God, without whom I’d be lost and hopeless.
To all my mentors, may the Lord continue to uphold you with His mighty hand.
To Kingdom ambassadors who are sold out to the work of the Lord, may your Zeal never die.
And to this wonderful blogger, Grace…

You just tapped into a realm of wisdom. Like the scribes, the Lord will use your writings to deliver His counsel to the nation’s. Brace yourself for impact!


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