Emotions are the most powerful players in your life’s team.

~Grace Christos~

“Of course, I had had enough! To win this year’s tournament, the players have to be meticulously and intentionally chosen; without sentiments. But Coach Jeffery put Joe in the team, knowing fully well that he was inexperienced and easily fatigued. No one would listened to me.

As expected, we lost the cup. Instead of an apology, everyone acted as though it was God’s will. I feel so upset, I think I would quit this team…but not before I tell them what I think and expose their corrupt ways to the world,” I said as I poured out my heart to my mother later that afternoon.

Finally, my mum responded; “Dave darling, do you realize you’ve hardly done anything productive today? You’ve been fuming all day and have been a nuisance to everyone in this house. What would all these change?” She asked softly.

Later, she said, “I think you owe us all an apology and you need to get a grip of yourself!”

The thought was preposterous. I couldn’t believe her. Why did everyone not see what I was pointing out? I thought my mum would understand. Why did it look like it was my fault for caring so much for the team? Didn’t I have a right to be upset? No one really cares about me and how I feel.


According to Collins English Dictionary, Emotion is basically a feeling. It could be of happiness, love, fear, anger or hatred which can be caused the situation that you are in, or the people you are with.

God created us with emotions and it is wrong to try to become emotionless and numb. Emotions are major ingredients in service to God.

Deuteronomy 28:45-48
“And all these curses will come after you and overtake you, till your destruction is complete; because you did not give ear to the voice of the Lord your God, or keep his laws and his orders which he gave you: these things will come on you and on your seed, to be a sign and a wonder for ever; Because you did not give honour to the Lord your God, worshipping him gladly, with joy in your hearts on account of all your wealth of good things;”

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It would be terribly cruel for God to place meticulous value on not just your worship to Him, but also on how it is done (with joy and gladness of heart) if the power to control your emotions aren’t given to you.

3 John 1:2

“My loved one, it is my prayer that you may do well in all things, and be healthy in body, even as your soul does well.”

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The emotion is a component of the soul. The above Scripture specifies that we are required to do well bodily as our soul already is doing well. This means there is not just a possibility for you to do well emotionally, it also brings us to the realization that Jesus came to bring mental and emotional health, as is the desire of the Father.

Controlling your emotion is not

The same way we take charge of dictating the tone of our day’s event, should be the same way we attempt to stabilize our emotions.

There is no justification for an emotional breakdown. Although our choices can be sponsored external factors and people; but superiority and manifestation of the Spirit led life is revealed in our ability to create our energy level and control what happens within our space.

The goal of this post is to enlighten us on how emotions can be dealt with, and controlled.


James 1:15 (MSG)

We have no one to blame but the leering and seducing flare-up of our own lust. Lust gets pregnant, and has a ba: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer.

Lusts are strong desires, negative in this context. The birthing of sin begins with emotions.

The action and commission of sin remains impossible without the active participation of emotions. Emotions are critical because of what they produce.


Emotions are triggered our perception(thoughts).

For instance, if a person gets informed that a loved one was involved in an accident, the person perceives that the person is either in pain or in danger, his reaction to such news would be according to what he thinks is the current reality.

If the recipient of the information has been in such situation before and came out victorious, chances are that he will be faith filled and hopeful.
We address situations based on how we think and perceive they affect us or otherwise.


To deal ultimately with emotions, you must understand that thoughts precede all manifestation.

Since your thoughts are responsible for your actions, it is your responsibility to immerse yourself in healthy thoughts and habits.

You are essentially your thoughts. Learn more about the mind’s miracle here. How you see yourself determines your emotions (reaction) and what you do (conduct).

This explains how people get to become emotionally attached.

Consistent thoughts about a particular person for a prolonged period of time breeds emotions. The reverse is the case when you try to get over a person. Replace the thought switch with another object of obsession and your emotions helplessly submit to that thing or person.

So what do you desire?
What are your aspirations and plans? Begin to brood consistently over them. You develop the kinds of emotions required to become the person you want to be.

Nothing is ever achieved without emotions. Choose the right person to be choosing what you feel.

How do you manage your emotions? Do share with me in the comment section. I love you!

Harnessing your emotions Andrew Wommack.