Every season in time has an emphasis. One of the most spectacular things about Winning Mindset is the ability to capture the season’s emphasis and relay it to change agents.


January Edition was no exception; as we had three profound speakers expound on the Power of Vision.

Funsho Olokesusi is a Communicator, OAP and Trainer with a burning passion to build and train young leaders in Africa.

He is the founder of the Coachie and Associates, a consultancy and training firm. He also runs a private business school (TopNotch Business Institute). Funsho Olokesusi is the C.E.O of T.Y.G.A ( The You God Approves). This firm is set up to bring back decency to the fashion industry in the most creative and innovative ways.

Driven with a passion for dance, youths and God, He birthed the Compass Dance Ministry which was commissioned October 2010, with the vision of pointing lost souls to Christ through the tool of dance. The compass vision is pivotal to the birth of others.


Vision is a graphical picture of a destination. If your vision looks like your current state, it’s a sign that you ain’t seeing right.

Vision doesn’t come as a gift, it is stimulated. To stimulate vision, you have to stand as a vantage point. This means you must rise to a place currently higher than your present state.
Vision comes in a fog; it is always clouded. It is your job to clarify your vision.
Meditation: Vision has to be made plain. You meditate brooding over a thing in solitude.


Solitude doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. You should learn to meditate and be in solitude even around people.

Imagination is images that lead to nations. The ability to make creative pictures of your goals.
The place of discerning vision is a place of experimentation. Imagination is the bridge between your dreams and reality.
It’s in the place of imagination that you intertwine with your image. You become an embodiment of it. Your vision should be plain enough that it changes how you’re viewed people.




C: Capture
The ability to see and talk about a thing.
C: Conceive
This means to produce and create. It goes deeper than capturing as you’re able to reproduce what you’ve
Vision never comes mistake. It is extremely deliberate.
L: Lean
Find mentors to glean wisdom from. As your ideas come in fragment, mentors help to polish and give it form.
No genuine mentor alters your vision, they only help sharpen it.
L: Learn
Be open to learning. also, remain aware that there are things to learn on the job.
E: Energy
This is the ability to be spurred to work.
E: Enthusiasm
It is the ability to remain positive, in joy and hope, all through the journey to vision.
A: Addition
As you journey through achievement of vision, you’d attract different kinds of people. A vision cleaned up, is a vision worth following.
A: Aesthetics
The people that come will bring beauty and structure to your vision. These people facilitate the operations needed to be successful in your vision.
N: Nurture
Nurture the vision of others. Let people find themselves in your vision.

N: Need
You become needed when you’re selfless. You must sustain the compassion to minister to people.



Vision isn’t retaliation. You don’t embark on a journey to success because of past hurts, pain or competition. You’ll always end up being disappointed because failure is inevitable.

Your vision is your compass and map. You make it plain first for yourself. You can expand on your vision, but not change it necessarily.

  • It refreshes you. It makes you relive current moments like it is the first time.
  • It gives you confidence.
  • It excites you.
  • It gives you focus.
  • It helps you maintain effective quality control system. You won’t settle for less.
  • It connects you with the right people.
  • It outlives you.



DAVID BABALE is a life coach, speaker, author and development worker, reputed for his capacity to teach with clarity and finesse.

Traveling extensively across the nation, he addresses critical issues affecting individual’s all-round- social, physical, mental and spiritual development.
The central theme of his message is fulfilled living- Passionate Purposeful Living.


A visionary’s advantage is doing and have more with less.

A visionary is a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. A visionary is a possessor of an original idea.
Every man has an original idea.
An advantage is a trait or feature that gives an individual an opportunity of success.

Every man has an advantage.
Your advantage is your story, your habit, information. Everything you have that is unique to you is your advantage.
Your identity is your story. It cannot be duplicated anyone else.



You were created with a purpose, self perpetuated. Your vision comes from within…and you don’t have the ability to alter it. You can only be ignorant of it.

To gain mastery on vision, there are three kinds of knowledge you must have.
1. Knowledge of identity (who you are): This is also known as the knowledge of who you are. You know yourself your thoughts.
God is mindful of us and exists just so His thoughts concerning us come to pass.
God is like a jigsaw puzzle and we all find ourselves in him. If you don’t find yourself, there’s a part of the God the world would never see.
Identity is the knowledge of who you are. We act consistently with our views of who we think we are, whether it is true or not.
You do not define yourself based on your experiences. Your identity is not limited to your experience. It is limited to your perception and interpretation of your experiences.
You become the label you’ve given yourself. The labels people put on you and you accept go a long way in determining your abilities and otherwise.
Your identity is who you think you are. Your thoughts are the major determinants of who you are. This is why you must capture your thoughts, daily.
Thoughts are the most volatile things on the earth.
Your environment and people do not affect your vision. Your thoughts do. No one else thinks your kind of thoughts. Your perception and thoughts are unique to you. Imbibe the habit of penning down your thoughts.

Take note of the things people associate with you.
2. The knowledge of belonging: whose you are.
Everyone of us seeks to belong. We are social animals and like to be in a company. We were not designed to be ourselves.
3. The knowledge of what we have access to.

You do not own anything. On earth, we are stewards of resources. An understanding of what you have access to, makes you decipher ways on how to maximize them.



As a John C. Maxwell certified coach, public speaker and trainer, Elisha Mamman has an average of over 100 speaking engagements annually. He is recognized as one of the most sought after inspirational speaker in Northern Nigeria and a force in Leadership, Success and the Winning Mindset.

He is a TEDx speaker and has also facilitated several trainings for companies and institutions.
He is the Convener of The Winning Mindset, a platform committed to inspiring possibilities, initiating dreams and birthing realities in Lives.

This event reaches over 600 youths monthly, with an online reach of over 2000 followers. Several Individuals and Businesses have received grants and rewards for excellence on this platform. It is the fastest growing motivational platform in Northern Nigeria.


Every vision has a requirement, with specific instructions.

Vision is the ability to see something unseen, and then through your life, make it seen to the world.
A vision is a picture of what could be. It always comes with possibilities. Vision in itself appeals to you. It is a call.

The vision you carry is not the entire blueprint. It comes in fragments. It is a preview of future possibilities that
inspires an adjustment in current behavior. Anything that does not
place a demand on an adjustment in behavior is not weighty.

A vision of tomorrow places a demand of action today. The momentum must be in the present.

  • Vision instructs. Obey it.
  • Vision reveals. Understand it. You get to understand learning.
  • Vision guides. Follow it. Don’t follow trends. If you build your life on trends, you will be like a graph. Discover your source and follow what is placed in your heart.
  • Vision inspires. Take massive action towards it.
  • Vision restrains. Be disciplined. Every thing is sustained discipline.
  • Vision excites. Enjoy it.
Look deeply into your vision through the lens of these demands.

The discovery of your vision is a gift to the world. Find it.
~Grace Christos~