To specially celebrate his birthday, here are a number of things that makes this man, exceptional.

I remember how much I thought it impossible to have encounters with God. I felt it was for a selected few, and all that. I learned that God is as much interested in me as I was in Him, and much more.

Emotional challenges are a major issue for a number of people I’ve related with. I was once lost in confusion on the same roller coaster; until I learned that emotions are yours and they can be managed. It’s your choice to make.

In a time like this when you’re unsure about the motives of men towards you, happy are you if you find a man to trust; happier would you be if you become one who can be trusted.

His life is characterized always such spiritual fervency and hunger. His environment is well cultured to remind him of God’s glory and dimensions he desires. His life is poured out as a drink offering for God, not events.

He is confident about the God in him, and never under pressure to prove a point. His mindset has been successfully transferred to the people around him…and he is breeding men who will be 10 times greater than he is and will be.

Most of our solutions dwell within, not around. I learned to explore and maximize the God dwelling within me.

He is a lover of men; which can easily be attributed to His depth in God.

He is very highly predictable and consistent in character. Over the years, he has had a singular message, and lived according to it.

Always a privilege!

Because he preaches what he practices, he is a man of unusual peace. His eyes is stayed upon God continually.

Top of what I learned is to always ensure your environment remains a safe haven for men.
Happy Birthday Sir! Enjoy God’s rewards for all the seeds sown.