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Wisdom is the principal thing.

~King Solomon~

Life is composed of two kinds of factors. Fixed and variable factors.
Fixed factors are those ingredients of life that remain non negotiable. You either pursue them to achieve the results you desire, or you don’t and you reap the consequences.
Variables are very negotiable. They depend on your personality, perceived level in life, timing and other things. You can always maneuver your way through them.
With the privilege of interaction with men who have made marks on earth, there are certain traits that are similar to them all; and the goal of this post is to intimate us with them.


  • All Successful People Value Time

Time is currency that can be exchanged for anything else you desire in life.
You wanna be the best at a thing? Multiply your consistent efforts with passion and give it time. The outcome is almost always predictable.
Time is the measure of commitment. Time is what exposes failure or success. Time reveals your consistent desires and investments.
Habits are formed in time. Your success is dependent on good habits you’ve formed. You are not successful based on what you do, but who you’ve become. Habits and behavioral patterns are formed in time.
This understanding makes all aspirants and achievers of success become mindful of time and how it is spent.

Every man is given the gift of time. You are rewarded for what you do with your time.
For a more productive life, examine how every part of your time is spent. The measure of importance given to the hours of your day should also be given to the seconds.
Practice intentional time usage. For the next one week, take record of how each moment of your time is spent. You would get the answer to why your life is currently the way it is.

  • All Successful People Value People

There’s a friend I had at a point in my life who was extremely passionate about making impact. He stayed away from the public scene for a number of years. He made no contact with family, friends or colleagues. He took that time alone to study principles and theories.
When he was ready to “launch” out, surprisingly, no one would listen to him. The reaction he got from people were mostly of hurt, neglect and rejection. He felt more unfulfilled than he ever had before in his life.
Quick question: Why do you do all you do? If you were the only one on earth, would your life’s message be different?

People are essential ingredients of success. In fact, they are so paramount that you are considered successful to the degree people attribute you to be.
On earth, men are the indicators of success.
Successful people gain sufficient emotional intelligence required to manage people.

I remember John Maxwell in one of his books, explaining how he rigorously takes the pain to learn the names of every member of His church. He writes them out in a book and ensures he calls them name. He understands that knowing a person’s name takes away formality and rigidity in a relationship.

What is your strategy for maintaining and sustaining relationships with people?
Jesus Christ in Scripture showcases his healthy relational ethics focusing on the similarities he had with men, as opposed to what divides them.

Realize that your opinion isn’t always the best or only way. Remain open minded and focus on the bond that unites you with all men.
Reach out to at least one person every day, and focus completely on their needs and how to serve them better. Most times, self centeredness is our stumbling block in establishing valuable relationships.

  • All Successful People Value Character above Competence.

A gifted rebel is not an asset

~Apostle Joshua Selman~

A flight was delayed for a long time in the Nigerian Airport, Lagos, and eventually cancelled. This created an upheaval as different individuals began creating a scene at the airport that evening.
There was this young employee who was sent to rectify the situation and restore order. He went to each aggrieved individual and apologized genuinely for the unfortunate incident. He was called names and got so many rude remarks, but he maintained his cool and for hours, went back and forth, ensuring he calmed them down.
After few hours, he managed to contain the situation and the place became calm. Studying intently was Ibukun Awosika, the Chairman of Firstbank. After the scene, she walked up to the gentleman and said, “if you ever need a job, let me know” as she handed him her card.
Competence is extremely important and an essential ingredient for success but it is character that sustains success.
In our world today, world records are being consistently set and people are shattering status quo. One look at the number of skilled people, it is easy to get intimidated. But with the profound number of competence, how come with Nigeria as a case study, we seemingly do not make so much progress as a nation?
You are set apart your character traits and it becomes your cutting edge. Character is a product of values and convictions that ensure predictable results. It is one of the needs of every influential man. To read more on this, click here.
Practice periodic character assessment. Scrutinize the motives for the actions you undertake and ensure they are unselfish.

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