I am no ultimate custodian of knowledge, but the things I’d sharing in this post are gotten from interactions with mentors and leaders privilege. It is also the sole reason why I’ve been able to feature quite a number of people on GCB with little or no hassles at all. So enjoy!!
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There are a number of reasons why many people seek men. Chief of them all is to seek help for personal causes. As soon as it is discovered that they are not beneficial, they are set aside for yet some others.
As men rise in influence, it becomes extremely difficult to separate genuine people from sychophants. Especially because success is attractive. It attracts different kinds of people and things.


The realm of success is a lonely one
-Apostle Joshua Selman

There are so many ingredients that make up the equation of success. As you attempt to rise, it demands that a lot of weights be taken off from you (especially irrelevant relationships). Most times, you end up being the only one standing upon your values and convictions.
More painful is the fact that a number of people lack the ability to recognize the seed of greatness; which adds up more to the loneliness realm.

But at the scent of breakthrough, everyone would desire to reckon with you.
How then do you identify who exactly loves you genuinely and who loves you for what you represent?
A major index for identification is that those who love you genuinely stick with you, even after being exposed to your imperfections.

N.B: The other category of people aren’t necessarily bad. This classification is necessary for the kinds of commitment you give to all men.

Wealthy and influential men are people who have very few needs.

Your relevance in their lives is determined your ability to solve a problem they ordinarily won’t be able to, at their levels. And one of such is the dire need for sincere people.
Loyalty and faithfulness is not having to stake your entire life and aspirations for the sake of successful people necessarily. It is the ability to stick with them, regardless of their weaknesses.
When you decide to be a genuine friend, who loves people for who they are, and as God’s creation, you will not only attract influential people who will feel safe with you; but your influence rises also with them.


Contrary to popular beliefs, influential people are drawn to persons with prospective or refined value. It reminds them of themselves, when they just began.

Now, this doesn’t mean you go about flaunting how much you’ve managed to acquire all through your life… Truth is, when you have something, you have it! It is undeniable.

Be wise enough to know when to speak, and when to take advantage of opportunities. Maintain a posture of humility, and let your focus be on building yourself.
I’ve always wondered why successful people get attracted successful to men with some measure of progress in the right direction.
I realized that at that point, your offer of value isn’t for their patronage. It is to give them an experience. the attention you compel with mastery and value is not for transaction purposes, it is to provoke emotions.

And of course, you always make multitude of sales when you are considered emotional appealing (as regards to business).
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