I remember a conversation with my boss one afternoon as I asked her a question I considered important to me.
“How do you identify your target audience for your specific writings?”
The answer she gave changed my life forever.
Grace, if you only write for people and their purposes, you’ll be cheated”
After a lot of meditation on it, I’ve come to this conclusion; the first purpose of writing is to expose You to You.

Everything begins with a Word. Everything in existence began with a word (spoken or written).
The degree of success achieved is the degree to which your life accomplishes every word written you, or found about you. So in essence, success is measured your written goals.
Wait first! Let’s begin from the very start.
We are essentially our minds. We become the words we fill in ourselves. This is the process cycle:
1. Hearing: our first contact with the word.
2. Conviction: consistent hearing brings faith and conviction about the thing heard.
3. Action: our actions are a product of our beliefs. We act in accordance with our convictions.
4. Habit: consistent action develops our habits.
This is the creative process of words.
The very same mechanism is used in creation of things.

Most times when I decide to write some thing, it begins with a thought, an idea, a concept (hearing). I brood upon it, and it develops gradually (conviction). Then, I get enough inspiration and information to begin (action).
My faintest ideas take up their forms when I take action. Line line, the eye is formed, the mouth, the body… Then, life is breathed upon it, and brings it to life.
Most times, I don’t get to write about a thing. My writings get to reveal me, as I discover myself in them.
Your purpose as we’ve learnt is in your design. It comprises summarily in what you love, hate and want to change.
This is exactly the same with writing. You write about what you love, hate and is dominantly in your thoughts.

Your first step of creation in fulfilling purpose is in your writing.
Benefits Of Writing
-Writing gives everyone a platform to create. It is a “libertized” form of expression.
-Writing commits you; in whatever is written.
-Writing helps you measure progress.
…amongst many other things.

So, the next time you write, bear in mind that writing is your first and almost the most important step in Success.
Become as meticulous and diligent in writing as you do all your other activities.
Remember, writing goes beyond people. It reveals yourself to you!