I’ve come to realize that Leadership is essentially about the different dimensions of relating with people.

Effective Leadership vs. Ineffective Leadership.
Successful leaders have people as their focal point. They focus on building them, managing their affairs and solving their problems.

Successful leadership most times thrive on the basis of trust and integrity. The people you lead your life for, will probe you and your convictions to ensure you’re worth committing themselves to.
You succeed as a leader adding value to people. Adding value to people begins valuing them. It is the ability never to see them as problems or distractions. The ability to view men through the lens of Christ; seeing them as God’s unique creation, with a unique dimension embedded within to deliver to mankind.
Ineffective leadership focuses on tools and strategies. They see people as means to an end, to carrying out a job.
The end result usually is that the people get frustrated, then abandon “your cause” for another perceived to be more beneficial to them.

The irony of life is such that when you focus on people, they reciprocate focusing on you; and help solve your problems. Otherwise, they will feel used and exploited.
After you discover your unique contribution to the earth (your message), discover why people should listen to you enough to want to follow and be like you.
Then, focus on helping them achieve their purposes serving them with your gifts and skill.
Always remember that your message outlives you. The dimension of God committed to you isn’t meant for only your dispensation.
God has always been passionate about posterity because He understands Success is only recorded to the degree to which it is continued.
2 Timothy 2:2 KJV
And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

The first step in the right direction of Leadership is to identify your Successor. The definiteness of life span of men is the major reason why the importance of Succession cannot be overemphasized.
Our lives are in phases. As you rise, certain weights need be shed to enable you rise indefinitely. So, commit your accomplishments to successors, so as to gain time and opportunities to cover yet more grounds.
Never resort to positions, offices and titles to derive validation. You won’t always be here.