“Grief did not stop the spread of Good News. Though the apostles remained, persecution drove many believers from Jerusalem, scattering them through out Judea and Samaria. Like seeds blown the wind, their witness for Christ was planted everywhere they settled.
The council tried to stifle the message, but the Holy Spirit blazed within us. We went daily to the Temple, to the neighborhood synagogues, and from house to house, teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ”

(Excerpt from The Scribe Francine Rivers)
Leadership does not begin with the birth of a person. It begins with a discovery of vision (a message). A message that alters the life of its receiver, in such a way that his life becomes an embodiment of that vision.

Leading a thought pattern means you discover a message, and reasons why men should be in on that message.
You are no leader if no one is being influenced your convictions.

God, our Creator and Source has multifaceted dimensions. The essence of creation is to reveal and replicate these dimensions.
The same unfulfillment and dissatisfaction gotten a customer who purchases an item that either malfunctions or doesn’t function at all, is the same if not so much more in the heart of the Creator for an abuse or lack of discovery of the purpose of His works.

Discovery of your life’s message is not only crucial to you, but to God and humanity. Embedded in you is a unique solution to salvage the earth.
All through Scripture, God speaks prophetically. He never talks to a man for only his sake. A message from God transcends through generations.

Posterity talks about future and succeeding generations. Because the purposes of God are eternal, He reveals His agenda to a generation to fulfill a portion, and pass down the heritage to the next.
The agenda of God is fulfilled in continuity.
It is there safe to say, successful leadership is achieved with succession.

In the excerpt above, it is glaring that the Gospel of God was communicated a man to a group of people, his convictions transferred, and his passion contacted. The message spread across the border of the earth because of successful transference.
Your system of leadership is ultimately a failure if you cannot successfully transfer the tenets it is built upon to a succeeding generation.

Your message is bigger than you; it is transgenerational. You become limited when you become the centre focus of your message.
Politics and Leadership in this part of the world is essentially flawed because there is hardly a structural value system, and successful transfer to its successor.
After a discovery of why you’re on it, the next most powerful discovery you’d need to make is that you won’t always be here.

A day comes when you’d leave the face of the earth…most times, it’s the same day your name is forgotten.
To become successful leaders, build legacy in a Successor.

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