It’s been a minute fam. And I sincerely apologize that it took so long to write to you. Here’s what happened. I had blog posts lined up to share, and I kept procrastinating until they lost their essence. I had even told a couple of people to anticipate these posts but I didn’t get to publish them. Hopefully, I still do.Then, I got so involved with work, that I found it difficult to write from my soul. I think that is  a downside with monetizing your gifts and skill. Sometimes, you get torn between writing to get paid, and writing out of passion. It took me a while to synchronize them both.

When I finally got my head back in the game, it had been months and I felt so guilty. I became absorbed with finding the most powerful quote, post or type of content to re-introduce myself to you. Nothing felt worthy. I felt like a husband who abandoned his pregnant wife. Perfectionism is a great fallacy and the most draining thing ever. I’m still a work in progress, and that’s why I stopped waiting for the perfect time, or perfect post or perfect moment to reach out to you. I don’t know the head and tail of this blog post, but nothing counts right now, more than showing up for you.



I got into law school in February after plenty inward struggles. It was fully sponsored and so I had no choice. I got into school and fell in love with the beautiful people. The lectures were so hectic, I was always stressed. Like, my day starts at 5:30am and runs like that till 1am.

Nothing actually prepares you for law school as it were. You will hear all the gist and stuff, but until you are right there, you won’t relate for the most part of it. At first (no shades), I realized schooling in the southern part of Nigeria was probably more beneficial than the north. I was enthralled the confidence, enthusiasm and exposure most of the students in my class emitted. And I loved having brilliant conversations.

But it was just so difficult to find myself half as passionate as they were. I fell ill for about a week in there, as the mosquitoes in school were not smiling at all. But I had the support and love from people who I had just met, and grown to love. Nothing beats that honestly. In all my stay in school, I attended church just twice, and I decided not to anymore, because everything felt amiss.

We stayed in school for just about 7 weeks before the pandemic hit and I was so excited. Although I enjoyed the time in school, as I love to encounter new challenges, I couldn’t wait to get back to living life on my own terms.


Truthfully, I didn’t believe COVID was real at first. I was just glad I was home. But with a few of my friends infected and recuperating, I had to face reality. For about a month, I stayed within the confines of my bedroom. I had learned so much in 2019, I felt the COVID period was just my call to PRACTICE. So I went headlong into that.

We held our first global summit at Headstart Africa, hosted John Obidi and it was massive. If you missed it, click here to read all about it. That singular summit recalibrated my mind. Truly, the pandemic happened for me. The fact that I realized how much time I had in my hands, and how I could exchanged it for gold baffled me greatly. Hearing all my favorite thought leaders in one space, emphasize the same thing over and over again, made me realize there was more I could do with myself. This happened in May, and immediately, I got down to writing my first book.


Secrets of Master Content Creators is my brainchild. It is the first book I have created that I am utterly proud of. Usually, I counsel that your first entry into the market should be with a free product and stuff, but I didn’t ply that route. I wanted affirmation and money. I wanted to know that I am worth investing in, so I put a price tag on my book. Boy! I was shocked. I marveled at the support and encouragement gotten from my friends and loved ones. My book launch was a tremendous success.

It also ushered the creation of my tribe on Facebook, dedicated to grooming content creators. You can join in right here. Right now, we have over 1,200 people in there and I have been greatly inspired and challenged that.



At the beginning of the year, I attended a webinar hosted John Obidi. Every time he has such webinars, he introduces us to new perspectives and greater planes of understanding we never imagine possible. Then he creates offers tailor made to your need at that moment.

Any time I listen or watch John, I get so hyped but when the offer is created, I also cannot afford it. I didn’t know how much I had grown in value and wealth until he made this offer in January, and I realized I could pay for it. It was remarkable. I had access to him for 90 days and I remember how I shivered every time he answered a question I asked. My mind felt it was playing tricks with me.


As I journeyed through purpose, I needed more than I was getting. I had always known Victor Ekpo Bassey as a mysterious man. For me, he is a man who derives pleasure in breaking down structures and systems, and building them back up. If he was going to make a million naira right now in 48b hours, he knew just what to do to get that money into his account.

He came highly recommended my mentor, Mr Olufukeji Adegbeye, and I saved up money to pay for his coaching program. I was blown away! I remember the first time I got to speak with him and ask him questions, I stammered my way through. Truth is, I could be very shy and nervous in the presence of people I highly regard. He tried to ease my fears, and asked that I call him name, but my African mind couldn’t process it.

In all, I was terribly grateful. I still have all the lessons and go over them when I am at crossroads. I can’t wait to subscribe to higher plans of his coaching programs.


I heard about Salem King for the first time, from John Obidi in passing in May. Then a few of the people in my circle started talking about him and I decided to check him out. I couldn’t believe the intelligence, confidence and authenticity that exuded from him. I just knew I had to follow this year.

I enrolled for InstaboosterAcademy in that same month, and that birthed a new Instagram journey for me. I became more self aware and was fueled with a strong sense of purpose. I met the most beautiful and authentic sets of people on social media.

I didn’t know how afraid I was to actually reveal who I really was on the inside, until I met Salem. I had become so consumed with fear that no one could handle the whole package, so I should just assume a form I believed they wanted to see. I realized with Salem’s class that most times, the way you are treated is based off of the vibe you have presented to people.

How will they take if you don’t give them?

My Instagram game became fire after I met SALEM.


Eva is just me in my imagination. I had a very wild imagination filled with how confident and driven I want to be, so I can touch and bless more lives…but my mind limits me still. I have insecurities at different levels of my life, as I conquer one, there is almost yet another to conquer.

Then I met Eva. Her energy, charisma and drive is crazy! Getting to know Eva revealed to me that my excuses were excuses. I bought Eva’s books, because I loved her. Whether it helped me or not, I just wanted to be close to her. We have had little conversations in the past, but nothing deep, but just seeing her on my timeline all the time, always brightens my day.


As I invested heavily on my personal growth and mindset, I documented my growth and started sharing more confidently with the people around me. I was amazed at how what I thought was common knowledge, many people lacked, and wanted to pay me to impart.

The demands grew and I needed a system to ensure growth and accountability, so I created a volunteers’ program. This helped me get interested persons who want to be mentored in specific areas in one room, and I poured my heart to them. I have had incredible testimonies from this.

If you want to join this program, send me a DM on Instagram right here. It goes for just about $10 (5000).


I have always had a close circle of friends who I treasure greatly, but 2020 showed me who exactly I wanted in my corner. There were no physical gatherings, so there was a minimal interaction. This made my relationships become quite intentional. I got to treasure my family in ways I didn’t know I could. Family always stays. Most times. Also, I discarded a lot of toxic relationships that I had been “managing” and wouldn’t let me breathe. I felt so healthy afterwards.

I grew more in love with my partner and we navigated 2020 together most times. I will share more gist on this on my next blog.

If you have been a lover of GCB, then you know Michael. I am sure you probably are expecting me to share about him, but for now, I still haven’t healed from the experience. Probably in subsequent blogs, I would be willing to share.

I received so many beautiful gifts, tangible and intangible but this struck my heart and I decided to share.


I made more money than I had expected. But I also lost some money this year. I have learned to be content with what I have, learned to release money more often, and also focus on what money can do, as opposed to just having it.

I look forward to making more elaborate money posts in 2021 and taking your hands through the journey.


This year is a beautiful one for me and it is started on quite a high note already. I put together a beautiful book for free for you in here. If you thought you loved my first book, wait till you read this.

One unique feature my books have is the ability to break down complexities. Becoming a money magnet is my latest creation, and it aims at introducing you to the dynamics of money operations; how it comes and how you can sustain the flow. This stemmed from the constant questions and difficulties the people around me have faced in their financial lives and I can’t wait to hear the testimonies from this. Download your own copy here.

This is my immediate goal for now, to share the gospel of financial intelligence with my circle, and keep holding their hands through the journey. I look forward to doing and achieving so much more with you in this new year.

What specific thing would you want to see achieved at the end of 2021? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.